Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Nick Gizelis


Software : Softimage XSI, ZBrush, Photoshop

Story behind the concept

According to the ancient Greek Mythology, Kerberos was the gigantic three headed dog which guarded the gates of Hades.
He was posted to prevent ghosts of the dead from leaving the underworld.

I wanted to make a steampunk version of Kerberos, depicted as a hybrid monster, partially organic and partially mechanical, armed with an armour and a flame thrower weapon, which guarded a steampunk palace of the dead into the underworld.

I hope you like my work. I enjoyed greatly this challenge and was amazed by the amount of quality work I watched done by everybody!


Now that I uploaded the final image, I feel much better :smiley:


Nice interperetation of Kerberos, good luck you you as well!


I love the new colours and the haze! Beutiful image Nick, good luck to you!


Thank you Nick, I tried to improve it a bit, considering your latest useful comments :wink:


here’s a ZB-turntable of Kerberos :slight_smile:


gz nick , rock n roll now!!


Hey Nick, thanks for passing by :wink:


hey dude thanks for the post!

I love the way you rendere fire and smoke! They look just C O O L !!!
Was that made by brushes or particle system?

Good Luck!


My SteamPunk Entry


Hello, glad you like it :slight_smile: they’re particles rendered in XSI (with ICE) and some Photoshop on top :slight_smile:


Congratulations Nick. You’ve made it! Time to sit back and relax and grab a drink or something. well deserved.

Good luck on judging!


HEY Nick…Congrats on the finish.:applause: …Turned out GREAT …:thumbsup:



Jack, thank you! it was a great joy to participate to this great challenge, along with so great amount of inspiring artists like you :slight_smile: after a short break to rest, it’s time to come back and do some doodling for the next challenge :wink: Best of luck to you too :wink:

Glenn, thank you my friend! I’m really happy I was able to finish that, heh, whatever result I might got :slight_smile:
I wish you best of luck for the challenge !


Hey, gratulations mate, you created beautifull image, well done!

Good luck



congrats! very iconic!

good luck! e


Hey Nick,I do not know how I didnt notice this thread!

Great conept,great modeling and overall mood of the scene.You have elements from diferent eras and that is making it very interesting!
Good luck mate!:cool:


Ramirezz, Thank you! Good luck to you, your work really deserves that :slight_smile:
cpt-elektro, Thank you, I’m glad you like it :slight_smile: Good luck to you too :slight_smile:
SDIMIS, hello Spyros! thank you for passing by, you’re very kind :slight_smile: I hope I’ll see you in the next challenge man :wink:


Hey Nick
I envy you 3d people of being able to translate a grate ideas into solid art…
loved the design of Kerberos. grate details on his armor and his weapon. the city also has a lot of goodies in it…
I know it’s not very useful info, now when deadline is over, but I feel a bit of a miss in this
piece, mostly concerning the silhouette of Kerberos that has mighty look, but burns the city as if he doesn’t really care. I think the issue you should improve the mostly is the piece composition. for now it’s not a tool that serves your story as good as it could be.
Again- sorry for adding my crit in a stage were it’s not relevant anymore, but hey! aren’t we are here to learn and improve?
leaving my crit aside- you did a grate work- cool piece on the overall.
Good job


Hello Lior, thank you very much for your comments, a useful critique is never too late to help someone :slight_smile:
You know, my aim was to depict this character as an actual guard of the city, not an enemy, posed near the main buildings to keep the misfortune souls from escaping…
I suppose, the camera angle and/or the rather unsuccessful depiction of depth of field
was what made you think that the character is too close to the city and is going to burn it…
I can say that I got some very useful lessons working for this challenge and watching so many beautiful threads here…
so I am positive I will show some more decent results in the next challenge :wink:
Thanks again and I wish you best of luck with the judgment :slight_smile:


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