Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Nick Gizelis


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Latest Update: Final Image: Kerberos


So…time to get busy! The concept of choice I am going to depict in 3d
is a steampunk-organic hybrid version of Kerberos,
a creature from Greek Mythology, which guarded the gates of Hades,

Let’s start then :slight_smile:


Soon I will upload a couple of sketches of the concept…


Good luck man and be sure to get a lots of fun! :bounce:


Thank you Dimitri, best of luck to you too mate :wink:


good luck, Nick!
looking forward to!


Thank you Alena! have you entered as well?? I couldn’t find your thread…


So, that’s my first concept shot!
Still the character is in silhouette mode, I am not quite sure yet about the volumes and anatomy issues…but the environment won’t change much I guess :slight_smile:
This is a steam powered hybrid Kerberos guarding the gates of steampunk Ades!


… not yet (actually, still not sure) :slight_smile:

wow - your first concept already looks like it is going to be a huge one -
subscribed :slight_smile:



Looking forward to seeing that guardian develope.
I like the depth your getting in the background already
GREAT START and CONCEPT.:thumbsup:


Interesting concept mate…look forward to seeing it eventuate!


hey, pretty interesting, let see what happens
good luck


Great concept,

Seems like very dark…:scream:

All the best…:thumbsup::thumbsup:


Glenn, thank you very much my friend! I’m straggling with my collage and 2d doodlings for now lol
balfs21, thank you! me too hehe
Korline, thank you !
sylvexsan, lol yeah, pitch black dark indeed! Thank you!
More decent and detailed character sketches coming soon :slight_smile:


cool concept!! good luck on the challenge and have fun :smiley:


Nice to see u in aumakua, have fun man:buttrock:


Your project looks so interesting!
Really good composition, by the way!


A really loose sketch of the character…


Micro26, thank you :wink: looking forward for your entry mate !
Multiductus, thank you! good luck to your entry :slight_smile:


very very very cool. I love the “japanese drawing” style, with the almost flat perspective and the cool colors and texture. The amount of detail looks great as well. This will be nice. :applause: