Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: mim Armand


this one is ready also by now, just water and reflections will be added and some camera shake (just a little)

more will come btw, tomorrow thought, now I have to go a trip to other city to meet the guy who will help us in particles thingies,

thank you for watching,


It has a strong magical and dreamy feel to it.
Very nice!


Especially thanks for these updates… it’s really marvellous… images as a dream… I really appreciate you artistic vision… warm colors and nice framing… take care… 9 ! :wise:

:beer: hahahaha


Hi there;
it’s what Rostam will fight with! o_O

mim, :smiley:

Hey Chris, thanko buddy, yea it’s what I’m lookin for, like a feel in magical children illustrated books! in a dreamy flowed atmosphere! :wink:

WOW Laurent! thank buddy, it makes my day that number! wooooohoooo! I will try more now, hope I get something around nine bye end also, I really hope!
thanks again, :beer:


Nice design… a real ship or moreover witch sweeper :scream:

huhu… I must shut my mounth… and wait the polygons :wavey:


here primary model for Rostam weapon thingie! :smiley:

Hey thank you Buddy laurent, tnx for all supports man, appreciate :bowdown:, here is some polygon! next will do some zb on it tho, :wink:


here is a wip I have from Damavand mountains matte paint;
By Highin3D

merry Christmas to all the team mates and all visitors, wish ya all happy times in peace and great holly days! :smiley:

plz keep working on this project as well!! :wink:



good job man! like all your other works, good luck! :applause::love::banghead::thumbsup:


here I did the sword details today, also working on some shots will complete by tomorrow hopefully;

tnx for watch

thank yo M-H for kind words, really glad yo like em, :slight_smile:


Of course perfect… but it’s not too much detailed ? :argh:

I hope all these incredibles details will be visible in the final scene… incredible :deal:


tnx, definitely thats right, but since it’s not a time consuming step (I did whole the sculpting in zb just in less than tow of hours), and because of great time saving it will make in texture painting (coz we have a shaded template then) and also with visual improvments it make, I think it worth the cost;
in other hand, it’s something judjes will consider about for sure, so these details will be seen in model show turn tables althought not toomuch visible in main work;

tnx again for ur kind words, :wink:


is this really sword ? it seems like ax ;)) anyhow, it’s cool and good.
here’s a suggestion; play wow, maybe adding some forms on blades helps to be better, it’s good now by the way.

looking for more my favorite man in CG (in Iran :wink: )


unfortunately I hadn’t access to team from Christmas so on! allthing are messing up, I dunno what’s going with team;
I just talked one time so shortly with yury and I found he were back from schedule like a week that time tho, but dunno anymore, I wonna ask team contact with me from here so,:sad:

oh man! we speaked alot about respecting deadlines, now it’s disgausting really, like 9 guy are working on it, plz respect other one efforts!

PLZ contact me guys!

Hey tnx buddy! it’s all your kind comrad, I really apeciate,
and! yeah! sorry for my EN! it’s an ax! :slight_smile:
tnx for reference also, it’s done right now btw :wink:


very nice concepts, I love your character design. looking forward to your final!


What we hear ? the team is partying since christmas and no news ?

sad man… come on Team… the project is so interesting… we want to see soon some updates and new things…

As Mim said… the time run so fast… :wip:


what are you doing guys?

we are looking for updates … :bounce::bounce::bounce:


TNX alot all,

we can’t finish it as scheduled anymore; it’s not available for deadline sure;
but whole the team will continue working to finish it (by less time pressure)
by now rigs going to be finished atlast tho;

I really appreciate all the supports and kindness from yo all in this thread;
and I “officially” apologize you and all my team mates for my failures and my miss-directings makes it impossible delivering it onetime; :frowning: although I did my best to make it possible but seems it happened coz my lack of experience working with a “not local” team; all in all it was most my failure and I really apologize for it and dunno how really appreciate all the efforts and stress and pressure my friends on team accepted but didn’t got the result, I just can saying “Sorry, sorry, I’m really sorry” :frowning:

after all we hope to finish it although after deadline and we are reorganizing right now to do it, I spoke with all teammates, and they all like to finish it also even not for this contest, so we will continue and probably sharing our progress here yet, :wink:

tnx again, alot
mim.Armand :S


Sad to hear mate… really… now… I just hope you all will finish anyway the little film…
it premise to be very good with high level quality… that will be a shame to doesn’t finish it…

…I want to follow the continuation of this story, even after the end of the challenge.

All my best wishes to the TEAM… good courage for the next steps :thumbsup:


Hi Mim

looks really cool. I love the blade thing.

you arent gonna finish?




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