Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: mim Armand


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Latest Update: Work In Progress: rostam sword model (hi res)


LOGO place holder! :slight_smile:


Ok! I can’t take myself really to don’t inter on this challenge! I’m just busy but it’s really a must to do theme “STEAMPUNK”! :smiley:


here I gathered all thing I will get inspiration during this challenge!

will be here again soon! mim, :wink:


for sure most important thing ever for a cgs challenge is a logo!
so here some fast sketch I did for me logo

and also I just achieved the style of my story and how it goes in general aspects, I will going for a more fantasy-realistic theme this time instead of my routine stylized look of works! allthe way this time we’re speakin about STEAMPUNKS!

Pissssss! (steam voice)

ah, and my movie name is “Steam Issue”, Yesss!


Welcome and good luck man! I love seeing realistic steampunk stuff but after looking at your portfolio I’m a bit disappointed your not doing stylized hehe I love your wacky imagination!!!

Still, can’t wait to see what you come up with :slight_smile:


it’s a rough model from my teaser logo (and my wip’s one!)

I have some more idea for it but I won’t spent alot time on it since I have parallel production goes inside the challenge too (something funny is that they have exactly same deadlines!!)

Hey Nick, tnx for you kind words buddy,
although I’m going for a lil different style but it would be on my kind of look yet coz I “can’t do” anything good really out of that!
I’m going for a fantasy-real look and even more fantasy thought I just don’t know how to say that! you know!! ie grotesque maybe! I just imagined this from along time ago for some other stories but didn’t get a chance to experiment on


I like it so far, and your signature is fun :slight_smile:


I just completed interior gears of logo shield thingy!
I have a nice shot with this shield on that,
as you see the shield will open
under that circle glass on up-left is a gyroscope, blah blah …
Next (for this shield) I’ll make the ditails for wings and material and rigs for gears etc btw no for now,


thank you Josef for your kind words about wip’s and my signature, :smiley:


I like, alot ! :applause:


for sure most important thing ever for a cgs challenge is a logo!

Well obviously! Everyone knows that logo is power, helllllooo!


Are you goin to do something more or it`s just this cute logo? :wink:


I had a real messy day all in traffic and bureaucracies! so I just tried to sketch the idea for the character “Artaban” in taxi on my sketch book pro!!
ok and I developed my story and did some story boards also

“Artaban” is an old original Persian name means the truth patron (ie truth shield/protector man)


tnx Francois and Pawel, sure I will go further than a logo! :wink:


The interior of the shield is wonderful! Very steampunk. Good luck.


Hey mim, looking really fun, best of luck with your entry!!!


Ok, back on “steam issue” again! I have to switch between em! so sometimes on it else times on other!
anyway, I just did a quick rough sketch for my modeling purposes, but will share it to keep here updated, next updates will come soon thought.

David, tnx
XminusOne, so tnx buddy for ur kind words, plz contact me again, also (if it’s possible) I really like to see some of your works since I just noticed ur portfolio isn’t active. lookin to talk again buddy by soon :wink:



here is “Artaban” model in progress so
It have alot work to do, model, UW, preparing for ZB, zBrushing, N-Mapping on zBrush (I didn’t do it befor!), texture-painting, getting back it from ZB to Max, Riging it, and all done then!
I think it’s enough 3-4 days for it if all goes well.



Nice model! Keep up the good work my friend!:beer:


here the model seems finished though, I’ll go for UW now to make clean nmap in ZB later or so! :wink:

tnx dear Adrian. :smiley:


Hey mim,

I will get in touch with you. As for the model, looks good, I would like to see it stick more to the concept, in terms of the arms. I think they’re a little too thin in comparison to the concept, I know you don’t want to spend to much time on things like that, but I think it would help and wouldn’t take long to remedy. Keep it going!!!:slight_smile:


I’m again on this today!
it’s a hard challenge for me thought to deliver tow project with same (exactly same!) deadlines for itself!
and this challenge with alot talented ppl here getting harder and harder also!! Damn man!!!
But I don’t gave up! (right now I mean atleast!!) but…

Anyway, the character UW takes 5-6 hours since I just get some errors on the ZB first time and I had to reUW them again that was a pain somehow in somewhere! you know!
anyway next I will go for my first experience on ZB ever! so wish me luck, although I’m familiar with normal-map enough in max and alil experienced on that and I hope just ZB was better on this coz max rilly sux on it (a complex bug-full nonsense workflow that I’m really skilled on!)

bye for now, mim

Hey Xminus1, greate, can’t wait to see that, and I make it back lookin like concept again, tnx for the point, ;), take care! :smiley:


Nice :smiley:

I saw the HUUUUUGE mesh-unwrap you posted there…and thought…:eek: that will take forever to paint! Then felt better when I read you were doing it in Zbrush. That’ll make it much easier! Good luck with ZB! (never really used it myself either)