Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Mike Moir


Mike Moir has entered “Steampunk Myths and Legends”.


ha Mike! welcome! its been too long so lets get started!


Okay , after a bit of an absence from these challenges I am going try this one out. I have never done anything "Steampunk’ at all so it should be interesting, and I haven’t decided if I will do it in 2d or 3d . I have wanted to learn how to paint better in 2d for a long time so maybe most of my image will be 2d .
Anyways it is nice to see familiar people back for this challenge. My idea so far , well I am going for the Legend part of the theme not the myth part.

My idea so far is " David and Goliath" with Goliath being the steampunk character, I think this would be classified as a Legend. For me Legends can be both true and made up.

Still brainstorming but do you guys think this will work .

Anyways , good luck to everyone .



Hey Mike, good to see you in! And looking forward to see you do 2d this time. I think David and Goliath can work well here. All kinds of possibilities to make Goliath something steamy.


yea David and Goliath could be fun…

luck, dude


Hey Mike, that’s good to see you back here for another challenge! David and Goliath fits perfectly in the topic and I see a lot of potential to mix 2d and 3d here well. So not a bad idea at all and I’m already waiting to see the first sketches…

Have a good time :slight_smile: !



Welcome here Mike !
Have fun !


hey Mike

good luck ! and waiting for you concept



Hello Mike,

no concept sketch yet!? Time is running and I’m really eager to see your steampunk vision of David and Goliath!

Wish you a nice day!:slight_smile:



We need a concept :bounce: ! Good to see you joining in, good luck and have fun :slight_smile:


Hey Guys,

I have settled on the David and Goliath and been studying  Color , Value etc  to hopefully help my painting skills out.  

Sabrina, thanks for the nudge and I will try to get started on this shortly.


Hey Mike, good to see you again; how have you been?

Hurry up and post something will ya :wink:


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