Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Michael Wilson


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Latest Update: Final Image: Theseus and the Minotaur


Alright, I know this was mentioned somewhere already, but the idea of a Steam Powered Minotaur really appeals to me. I’ll work up some sketches soon.


I guess it’s good I don’t do concept sketches for a living. I wouldn’t make much.


I can’t draw at all so I’m totally with you on the concept sketches :slight_smile:

Anyway, I like your idea and will be tagging along for the journey!



OK, started modeling. Following loosely my concept sketch.


good start buddy, I like the head sofar, :thumbsup:


Hey Mike, already started! And yeah, a steaming Minotaur may be really fun to see. Good luck!


wow finally some action :arteest: great job so far …waiting for more


nice head model … the style is interesting …

good luck :slight_smile:


Subscribed!:beer: Looking good so far!


Cartesius - Let me know when you have a thread started.

mim-Armand - Thanks

Gunilla - Hey good to hear from you. Are you working on this challenge as well? Let me know.

thebest - Yep it’s fun. Lot more to come.

maxspider3000 - Thanks

fgdf - Thanks for stopping by. I hope I can do it some justice.


You´re off to a great start here. Looking forward to see the progress on this one. :thumbsup:


Yep, you’re firing on all cylinders. It’s great to see you in another challenge and you’re off to an excellent start. The minotaur head is already looking really good


Nice work so far Mike! Good to see you in the challenge. Bring it on…


Hey Michael,

Really impresive head model, like a lot !! cool steampunk style on it ! :smiley: Can’t wait to see more updates on your concept. Good luck !! Cheers mate! :beer:


A bit more progress in the body.


keep going friend looking very interesting :bowdown:


ya man, you are doing well …

the body and the shield look good … we are following dude :slight_smile:


Well the finished Minotaur model. What do you think? Is it enough? Does it need anything else.

I plan on adding some decorative elements with texturing.


Neat Model. Minotaurs are definately steampunkish. Can’t wait to see where you plan to stick this little guy. Good luck.