Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Michael Rottke


Michael Rottke is entered in the “Steampunk Myths and Legends” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Storyboards / pre-visualization: Storyboard redifined


Hi guys,
I know, we’re entering very late.
We saw the challenge in December and it took a week or two to decide what we’re going to
do and if we’re able to finish a short.
Currently we think we can finish at least the 30 sec trailer and a bit extended version of the trailer.
“We” is a bunch of PixelCorps members and I think everyone will introduce himself at some time here.
During the XMas holidays we already worked on some stuff.
I and the other guys will post regularly and repeat the info we collected during that time.
We’ll include the changes that we made to the storyboard, too.

Fist up here is the Story of Pandora’s Box in a distant future:

The box given to Pandora with special powers was a gift from God.
Not only did it contain all the evil of mankind but there was also hope.
The box was once lost but several centuries later found again and
brought to it’s original location where it is now securely guarded by
priests of an ancient religion.

Thanassis woke up alarmed. In his dream he had seen a beautiful woman
moving close to the most important chest in the temple.
She broke the seal, grabbed and opened the box.
Her mind was clear on what had to be done but after inhaling
the vapor released by the box her mind was no longer her own.
Totally paralyzed she went to the …
At this moment Thanassis awoke.
This cannot be.
He leapt out of bed and ran along the narrow path up to the temple.
Damn, his dream told the truth.
He saw the woman disappear behind the big door that had been sealed for
(edit: mjr)—
“Who is she?”
“Where did she came from?”
“How was she able to open the door?”
“She is not prepared!”

He ran to the door where a smaller gate lay open.
The box was placed into a secret keyhole.
“The box is a key, I never knew that”
Ainias had told him about the cave and that he had to guard God’s gift.
He knew almost everything about the pitfalls and traps.
He also knew how to activate the gift.
The blood from a clean soul could summon the beautiful and
enjoyable things of this world. Any contamination could destroy everything.
“Never use anything like a hollowed dagger”

Meanwhile Cathrin arrived at the altar, a big console with wheels, switches
and a basin. “This is where we need to place the blood”.
She grasped her small pocket knife, the only weapon she could conceal under
her priestess robe and cut through her own skin.
She didn’t feel much pain, but a small part of her consciousness started to
return. “What do you think you are doing?”
She tried to resist the urge to press the big button, but the intoxication was still too strong.

The machine started coming to life.
Gears began to turn, piston pumps built up pressure.
God’s plasma started to flow into the distilling tanks.
Cathrin’s true wishes were being extracted from her blood.
The fluid was released, gushing from her wound into the box.

The box opened and menacing ghostlike creatures flew out with
bloodcurdling screams.

Cathrin awoke from her intoxicated state. “Stop, something is wrong”. Hastily she tried to stop the machine.
The box closed, trapping her beatiful wishes inside.
All that escaped were the terrifying ghosts, created from her own pocket knife, which transformed everything men made into a single,
kind of a mechanical creature.



This is the first draft of the trailer story board.
Yes, It didn’t take too much time to draw this :wink:


Hello all. My name is Juan Carlos Gonzalez-Najera I am part of the Pandora’s Box team. I am currently modeling the part where the story says:

“God’s plasma started to flow into the distilling tanks.”

These are large tanks that hold a slime-like substance that will be piped into Pandora’s Box. I am currently finishing modeling in preparation for texturing. Although animation and rendering will be done in XSI and Cinema 4D, I am working this stage in modo.

Since I am new to the forums, I still cannot post images. As soon as I can I will begin posting work in progress.

Juan Carlos


Hello All,
I am Alex Berek and while i have been a member for a while now I haven’t had a need to post LOL. That being the case i won’t be able to post WIPs yet. Anyhoo…I will be creating the environment for the temple, modeling & texturing Pandora as well as creating animations and compositing. I work in XSI and will be using ICE for special effects. I will be using Vue 7 xstream as well as Nuke and Fusion.

Again once i am able to post images i will post WIPs,



In addition to Michael, Alex and myself, we have several other teammates working on this challenge. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I am confident that we are working together very well.

For instance, the slime box I am working on is the result on feedback from most of the team members, ranging in topics from balance and composition to technical feasibility of the mechanism. From the original version to the current incarnation I’ve gone through 12 revisions; hopefully I’m coming to the end of the modeling stage and can move on to texturing.

Juan Carlos


Hi guys,
here is a wip for the opening shot from Alex.
He did this in Vue7 and terragen.



Hello everyone. My name is Rob Matichak, and I too am a team member.
My modeling responsibility is for the alter / console.

“…Meanwhile Cathrin arrived at the altar, a big console with wheels, switches
and a basin.”…

Although relatively new to modeling, I am very much enjoying the collaborative effort being put forth by this talented group of guys.


Robert is working on the console.



Juan-Carlos, is working on the slime containers.

I assempled some of the WIPs as it seems that I can only upload one image per day.


I cannot attach images yet, but here is a description of my last round of work.

I spent some time removing unneeded geometry and took out more than 30% of the polygons. I then tweaked the sub-d levels for each item, which reduced modo’s total render time polygons from 15 MM to slightly over 3 MM

I then built a new floor, walls and ceiling. I’m not sure how the floor will look once textured; I might need to tweak it.

Lastly, I started UV mapping all items. Slime boxes are done, much more to go.

Juan Carlos


Here are some smaller parts that might find their way into a scene.



We are working on team integration and having a go at exporting camera animation from modo to XSI, which will be the first time we ahve done this. If anyone has tips, they will be much appreciated.

Juan Carlos, still unable to post images


Jeremy is the one who’s modeling all the temple stuff.
Let me know what you think.



Hi there,
now that I´m all done with my image I can finally spend some time here in the video category as well. You are coming along really nicely and I hope you will finish in time.

Carl from PXC.


Thanks for the words Carl. We are working feverishly to get the job done well and in time.

Juan Carlos


Hey, good to see some real faces here. :wink:
We look a bit like an invasion.

This is coming along really well. Love Michael’s more weathered stuff. Will the temple be aged or does it need a pristine feel?

I know there are lots of good things in the pipeline.

Huge respect for getting this off the ground. Best of luck to all. :slight_smile:


After exporting from modo to Cinema 4D for animation, I am getting very happy with the lighting and texturing, except the rust on the main pipes. I will correct that next, and I think that brings the whole stage close to completion.

Juan Carlos
(still can’t post images)


Hi Roger,
many thanks.
Everything will be weathered. I hope we can accomplish the quality
we initially had in mind. At lest we’re on good way.

I wish you all the best for your Steampunk entry.


Software: CINEMA 4D,Modo,XSI

Julio is working on the character animation.
Here is the almost final hand cut.


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