Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Michael Dashow


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Hi, all! Thought you could get rid of me for this Challenge? Well, no such luck, I’m baaaack!

Before too many people start scratching their heads, a disclaimer:

Yes, I AM allowed to enter this Challenge, but I am completely and utterly exempt from winning any prizes. Why am I still here then? I have long maintained that there are a lot better reasons to join the CGSociety Challenges that just winning prizes. After all, the ratio of entrants to prizes is, well, Challenging to say the least. But every person entering has the opportunity to receive world-class feedback on their work, make a great portfolio piece and have a great place to show it off, and hopefully make a few friends along the way. That’s why I’m still here, anyways. Some of my best portfolio pieces have come from participating in these Challenges and this looks like another terrific opportunity to have fun making a great painting while kibbitzing with a lot of colleagues. And that’s what I’m hoping to get out of it.

Disclaimer #2: Yes, I am very much looking forward to feedback from my peers, but anything that happens in this thread stays in this thread. I promise that nothing you say here will have ANY effect on my decisions as judge at the end of the Challenge (unless you’re exceptionally obnoxious.) If you give feedback saying you like what I’m doing or you don’t, or if you give me none at all, none of that will have any bearing on the outcome of this Challenge. I hope I will still manage to get useful input from folks. And I hope people will understand that my own input in other threads will be somewhat tempered by the need to avoid any impressions of inpropriety. That being said, let’s get back to the art!

I’m going for something kind of fun, shooting for the feeling of a young adult novel with a plucky heroine and an over-the-top bad guy (driving the Goliath mark II, giving you an idea of what myth I’m going to pretend I’m adhering to.) It’s all still rough, but here’s the basic idea.


wow dude…looking forward to what ya come up with :slight_smile:


Now thats a first. Judges entering challenge :slight_smile:

So what about if people just come to your page to praise your art in hopes of winning or something?

How bout getting all the judges to participate. Nice to have you around walrus


Great to have you in Walrus! I’m looking forward to seeing what you can bring to the task!

Also looking forward to any feedback you give on my thread…

Cheers and good luck!


Hey, guys, good to see you around again!
As for people coming to my thread, they can praise me all they want, but it won’t in any way affect how well they do in the challenge. However, I’d prefer to get honest feedback over vacuous praise… but then, that’s always case, challenge or no. :slight_smile:


Hi Walrus, this challenges wouldn’t be the same without you. I’m glad you’re in, after all this is really supposed to make good images for our portfolios, not looking after prizes. Good luck with yours, I’ll keep my eyes nailed to your thread as usual. :beer:


hehehehehehehehehehehhehehehehehehehehe :scream: hotdog!! the dude is back!! :applause: :bounce:
i couldn’t help but grin :smiley: i just called my friend over and he smiled too! :smiley:
now me wait to see your concept materialize :stuck_out_tongue:
cheers mate! :beer:


I was wondering if you would join everyone in making an image Mike :slight_smile: Good to see you are, I learn a lot from watching your threads. It looks wonderful already :slight_smile:


Have fun!..


Excellent start! This entry will surely be fun, both for you and us. :slight_smile:


A Cgs Challenge without you ? I couldn’t believe in it
Great you could open a thread on it , Master !

I didn’t understand well wich novel your first sketch refer… May be something cultural ?
Curious to discover it ; cause it’s fun to watch.


yeah , glad to see you in this one, you are the great challenger from the past challenge,now you are in the panel of judges ,you still join this one with spirit of the challenge !! hehehe
and I learn a lot from your workflow in the past , hope you contribute more useful tip to us
in this one too ,


hey Michael, good to see you join in on this one. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


Im so glad to see u participating as well! Nicely said under ur first submission and I couldnt agree more (thats not sucking up coz u r a judge :D)

Awesome idea and sketch, really love the humour in it and the funny bad guy at the back with his hat in the air, so mad while his robot is sliping hehe… Im wondering where will this chase take place? In some very narrow streets would be nice :slight_smile:


THanks, folks, good to see you all too!

Blaz, I haven’t quite figured out where to set this scene yet. A crowded street is a good idea, but I’m totally open to other suggestions. Anyone?

Deevad - No, I’m not basing my image off of a book, I’m making it look like something you might see on a book, ideally one aimed at young adults. (Unless I change my mind!) As for what myth, I’m really just having fun doing some sort of steampunk image. As I’m not being judged anyhow, I’m not really stressing over which Myth it’s based on… but if you like, you can consider it a retelling of David vs Goliath.



I enjoyed watching you work the last challenge, so im looking forward to seeing what up come up with for this one. :beer:


I didn’t see your name amongst the judges- darn it, I missed my chance to suck up. :smiley: I was wondering why you didn’t put up stuff sooner as you’re usually one of the most enthusiastic people around here. I must say I really like the reasons you put down for entering, I feel the same way myself (my chances of winning: 3940,490 to one, but it’s great practice, like you said and feedback, portfolio piece, etc, etc. That’s why we all keep coming back, right? Ok, enough of such talk.)

I love the David & Goliath concept, but I wouldn’t have known it was David & Goliath for two reasons:

  1. Usually in David & Goliath illustrations, they’re facing each other down rather than David running off (even though he’s neatly putting Goliath out).

  2. Goliath is usually far larger than David. :smiley:

  3. Ok, another reason…the slingshot? The obligatory gouged-out eye? I just think that to really ‘fulfil’ the legends & myths thing, it should very obviously indicate which legend & myth it is…
    …I’ll stop being obnoxious now…:twisted:


Ooh your doing a Jewish legend too? I can’t decide which one I want to do.


So… you´re one of the judges eh?

oh, what a beautiful, excellent and impressive sketches you have here!!! (will it wash?)


Welcome to the challenge Mr.Walrus and have a lot of fun :wink: