Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Melissa Findley


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Latest Update: Work In Progress: Beauty and the Beast: the hardest part


Good luck!


Just jotting down some quick ideas. I actually spent a lot of this time thinking out the story behind the characters rather than focusing on too much specific about their looks.


I’m insane for even attempting this. Background here is all wrong. Should be more of a laboratory than it currently looks, but I’m liking the basic positioning of the characters here. I need to do some research and redraw it all in perspective next.


A really cool idea and great sketches so far! He looks quite handsome for a beast though :wink:


Intervain: :smiley: Yeah. In my version he’s a scientist who was horribly scarred and injured during an experiment gone wrong. So, IronMan-style, he’s replaced his heart with clockwork that’s slowly running down, and his face and eye are also replaced with some kind of technology that allows him to see through it. Beauty is his assistant.


Looking forward to seeing this developed, Melissa!


Loved the little robot! I hope you’ll use it!

Nice linework so far, I’ll stay tuned.:thumbsup:


Glad to see someone taking on Beauty and the Beast. Really like it so far, but maybe make the beast a bit more bulky? Like the concept but he almost seems to normal… Just my opinion though. Keep it up!


I wouldn’t change anything! Well, you could move it to a laboratory as you mentioned, but I really like your character designs and composition! Nice work! :thumbsup:


Normally I’d agree with you, I might make him a little bigger, but he should look basically human. In this version the “beast” refers more to the fact that he’s scarred and broken, and he acts kind of like a jerk because of it (although this takes place toward the end of the story, so he’s pretty much redeemed himself by now, I guess).

So, less “literal” beast, and more “figurative”


I agree with SteevieWoo, way cool little robot in your initial sketch, that doesn’t show anywhere else (I was looking for it). I agree with you on the laboratory issue, but maintain the postures of the couple because there is something special going on there. Good luck to you.


A Steampunk Beauty and the Beast? Sounds very good! Best of luck to you Melissa!


UBER cool, Mel! I’m way too busy to jump on board for this challenge, but I am so rootin’ fer ya! Great concept, and what a smexxy beast. Paint on!


This is horribly rough, but I was testing out colors and searching for a better background for it. The tables and desks to the right of the image will eventually be loaded down with tools and equiptment, there’s wires for electricity strung all over the place as well, and a boiler oven of sorts somewhat behind them that’ll have pipes coming out and up the wall.

The little robots from the sketches are the “servants” and will be helping Beauty, and also around in the background doing different things.

Perspective and interior environments aren’t really my strong point, so I feel like I’m really going to be pushing myself on this piece. As I go along, constructive criticism in those areas especially is welcome.


I like your concept and little robot is pretty cool


I feel like the faces of the characters are one of the most important parts of this image, because the scene is one of the more emotional ones. So I went ahead and roughed in their faces and kind of how I want their expressions to be.

And now that I have that out of my system I can really focus on the background and bringing everything up to the same level.


The concept for the tiny robot is so adorable. :slight_smile:

I really like the colours/design of the piece, but I thought this depicted the Phantom of the Opera rather than Beauty and the Beast. Must be the mask…very phantomish.


Can’t wait to see the finished painting. It’s killer already!


It’s not an unfair comparison, since Phantom is basically a Beauty and the Beast story at heart. Although I think the end of Phantom borrows more from the Little Mermaid than B&B. It’s interesting looking at how stories are thematically linked from older stories. Like My Fair Lady is Frankenstien is Pygmalion. Phantom, Beauty and the Beast, and East of the Sun West of the Moon, Dracula, and Edward Scissorhands (just for a more modern reference) all borrow from the original story of Eros and Psyche.

I may make some changes to the “mask” to make it a little more beastial. I’m kind of attached to his current nose, though, so I don’t know how much I can make it less “Phantomish”… on the other hand maybe I’ll try to work some more Phantom and Eros/Psyche references into this as sort of a fun sub theme.