Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Marthin Agusta Simny


Wow, thats excelant. The depth the smoke and volumetrics give are amazing. I really love this.


This turned out great, congrats! love the details in the armor.


FIDUCIOSE : thank you :slight_smile: i’ve been a fan of your works at ifs!

Ramirezz : thanks mate! im sure your entry will be awesome :slight_smile:

madshooter : thanks for your support! best wish for your entry also :smiley:

Airflow : thank you, im happy that you like it:)

SNoWs : thank you :slight_smile: good luck for your entry too!


Wow, looking at the finished image, its the lighting that makes this image so strong, all the highlights and glowing bits on Odins suit really make him stand out and add alot of depth!


Wow,turned out great,love his armor,the mood is awesome !


this is steampunk!
i love it


themightym : thank you for your compliment :slight_smile:
nellement : thanks alot!
asela : thanks man…nice entry you have there, good luck ! :slight_smile:


Good luck! I love this piece, my favourite from the finals :slight_smile:
I didn’t finish mine, but I was close to create the same background as you did - perfect for the gods.


This cool. Light on chane so real and supersuit too.


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