Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Marthin Agusta Simny


here’s some new renders of odin, comments or critics are very welcome :slight_smile:


Hey Marthin, armor looks very good! I love this style of design :thumbsup: Im looking forward final image :smiley:


great stuff man

this is going to be a very cool character
cant wait to see more



I really can’t find anything that could be improved thus far. That’s awesome!


here’s my latest update, finally i’m done with the upper body, next is his lower part, and maybe some simple scene if i still have time :slight_smile:


Ramirezz : thanks dude, hopefully i can manage my time to finish this…I would love to see yours finish too, its already lookin good :slight_smile:

asela : thanks! good luck for your entry too :slight_smile:

Citizen Suicide : thank you, i still have lotsa things to improve compared to other professionals here :slight_smile:


this is a very interesting character wip. i love it! keep it up and hurry up~!


wow! reminded me of warhammer! nice modeling and texture works! :applause:


here’s some scene test i render today, the props are still messy and the lighting is not final…
i wanna put him in some sort of a throne, with engines and pipes all around
what do you guys think? :slight_smile:


JackZhang : thank you! i will try to keep up with the deadline :slight_smile:

ra-gevz : thanks man, to be considered to them is an honour :slight_smile: i still have to learn alot to achieve that standard :smiley:


the modeling and texturing that you did on the guy gets lost in that composition. maybe making the guy take up more space in the image would help.


change the camera and light, also adding some details, tell me what you guys think :slight_smile:


YuriyXXX : thanks for the input, now i changed the camera for better view of the character, (i didn’t put it yet) hopefully it’s better now :slight_smile:


someone got some speedy here! i love the scene. brilliant!


been working on the textures of throne. I’m quite happy with the looks right now but im still open for any suggestions :slight_smile:


Beautiful job Dude, looks great:thumbsup:. You have added sufficient details and texturing looks good. I feel you can start creating your composition now. All other details and tweakings can be done in photoshop. Would really love to see every thing combined with lighting.
And the character looks awesome very nice details:)


wow, you are fast! background looks great, I just wana see this finished in time , my favourite picture :smiley: good work!


okay here’s some updates, not really interesting i guess…its just the character’s lower part, i will texture it next and then rig the whole part to pose him on the throne


JackZhang : thanks alot for dropping by! :slight_smile: im trying to finish on time, really have to put every spare time i have to do this…

madshooter : thanks man, yeah i would really love to put him on the scene but there’s still some work to do, i will try to finish it asap

Ramirezz : hey thanks for dropping by again mate, thanks for the compliments also :slight_smile: best luck for your entry!


finally got him rigged and posed…
the weapon that he is carrying is gungmir, according to wiki it supposed to be a spear that never misses its target :slight_smile:
Next job is texturing gungmir and putting them all in the final scene…