Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Marthin Agusta Simny


neat work!

so are the additional legs of the horse just attached with gears?
i would find that pretty cool. like external wheels on a bike kids learn riding with.
just without looking stupid :stuck_out_tongue: looking forward to more


begin to sculpt the head, im open to any critics…


SNoWs : thanks for the support! best luck for your entry also :slight_smile:

Niall : haha…yeah im waiting for yours, i bet it will be awesome man :slight_smile:

oneandonlyDiscoStu : haha, nice comparison…yeah the front leg will be like implanted machine to the horse, so it will be attached to the gear…


Nice concept :thumbsup:


Woah! keep it up buddy! Pretty nice work here.



slow updates…just tweak the face and giving him some hair, braid will be added next


Wen-Jr : thanks! best luck for your entry also :slight_smile:
VictorSantos : thank you! :slight_smile:


I love the idea - good work :thumbsup:


Sleipnir looks very cool, but didn’t he have 8 legs? The digital sculpture of Odin is starting to shape nicely as well.


Very nice sketches, cant wait to see your models in more advanced stage.


Odin is Looking great.
He looks like he`s picked up the smell of som ugly Troll that needs a bashing!:cool:


Great sculpting man, I really like the Sleipner concept you’ve done.
Keep it up.


decided to go deeper with the head…so here’s odin head with more details


Kerem, RicoD, aliasfx, Try, mr_carl : thanks alot for the feed back guys! really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Its been awhile since my last post…I decided to join a team for video competition. I also read in the rules that the models can be included in the images comptition too, so i will keep updating this thread :slight_smile:

here’s some quick render in max, comments or critics are very welcome…


gave a shot at texturing odin, any suggestion or comments are very welcome :slight_smile:


I looks very real.


Very nice character work:thumbsup:


texturing the hair and beard…some alphas need to be cleaned,I will fix it later


awesome beard. keep up the good work.


slow updates…build the armor and test the shader and texture, thanks for all the comments guys :slight_smile:
PS : the concept for this version of odin is not done by me, its done by my team mate for the video challenge. You can view my team entry in this link -->