Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Marthin Agusta Simny


Marthin Agusta Simny is entered in the “Steampunk Myths and Legends” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: Odin’s Final Battle


here’s some early sketch i made today. im planning on giving him the eight legged horse also…


Nice, nice, nice, I also have a first draft of Odin (Oden in swedish) but this is so much better.
Don´t forget Hugin and Munin his 2 birds and eyes of what’s happening in the world.


Really nice character work!


mr_carl : thanks! youre doin odin too? actually i cant find any info about hugin and munin, i can only find some info about his two wolves, freki and geri–> link but thanks anyway, and good luck for your odin!

Matellis : thank you! :slight_smile:


Well as was about to do Odin but I did´t get any good ideas so I did a draft but abandoned the idea.

Anyway here are some info on Hugin and Munin

I´m really looking foreword to see this one done, good luck.


Woah! pretty cool idea! I studied the possibilty of making my own Odin the last week.

Really looking forward this post :thumbsup:


The sketch is fantastic, and I’m sure you will do a nice WIP. I keep on with notifications.


brilliant details mate! :thumbsup:
good luck with the challenge! this is definitely something to look out for :wink:


wow, nice concept on odin dude, love the style, much look a like warmachine concept, but still, its very nice, cant wait for sleipneir, it must be great, so are still gonna make this one 2D or 3D? com’on dude, make it 3D :smiley:


Cool looking Odin! The two themes compliment each other well. Good luck!


decided to give odin some helmet and an eyepatch, also changed the spear, what do you think?


also made sleipnir today…


mr_carl : thanks for the info, too bad you left this idea, but good luck for your entry anyways :slight_smile:

VictorSantos : thank you! and good luck to u too…

DeeVad : thanks! saw your thread and your drawing are very good… i still need alot to improve mine :smiley:

nwiz25 : thank you! really good to hear that from you

Niall : haha…i might try 3d coz i looked at other entries and they were all very awesome…anyway where’s your goliath i really wanna see it :cool:

RicoD : thanks! good luck for your entry too…


woohooo, sleipneir dude, loves those lil chimney on the neck, and also that the horse is not totally machine, but its half machine and half mechanic, nice one dude, lets get started on the 3D shall we :applause:


Looks like the concept art from a ded fantasy scenario called Iron Kingdons!
In this world there is a team of lancers from a real named Kador that are very alike your odim!
Liked the idea of the extra legs of his horse being mechanical, and not the entire animal.
Would like to see the finished version! Any particular chapter from the mithologic god will be represented or is just an depiction showing him in no particular situacion?


this is the low poly base mesh for odin, accesories are not done yet, its for visualization only


niall : thanks man, glad u like it :smiley: i have posted some quick start on odin, but it still very rough heehee…

ArthurGWG : wow, didnt know that, searched google but didnt find any kador :shrug:
anyway thanks alot for dropping by, about the pose i’m still looking for the right one, but for now im gonna work on the characters first :slight_smile:


very nice sketches and character design. Looking forward to see how it develops, good luck!


Holly cow, you already start it, i even havent touch my program, hahahahaha, should start it immediately hahahahaha, but for now your model just looks like Thor, hahahaa