Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Mark Hansen


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Latest Update: Final Image: Neptune Steampunk


Early stages…trying to thumb out different ideas that are in my head.


Playing with different camera angles…thinking about values and adding detail to Neptune and tank sub.


Geting into color at this stage, adjusting compositon and starting to add steam punk detail.


YEEESssss!! great character design and i love the perspective also super story!:thumbsup: now make it happen :arteest: :scream: …7 days!.. can’t wait to see this finished!



Hehe:) Thanks for the encouragement. Im glad you like it. Ill be busy this week finishing this off. Nice entry you got for the steam punk.Lets see that finished off:)


Cleaning up line work now. Flipping the image to adjust some areas. I’ve tilted the sub-tank to match the waves…and added a tenticle in the foreground to balance the image a bit:)


btw… welcome to CGsociety! :wavey:

karisa :slight_smile:


Wow, I’m loving the camera angle, and the robot. Its looking great, maybe he should be holding his trident more dramatically? Ready to strike maybe. Anyways, very nice, I hope that you can get done.


Awesome picture so far, perspective is great, good luck, I cant wait to see the finished product!


Nice character…hope you would finish in time! Good Luck!


Getting there…got to add color to the Neptune and the tank.Also i want to add depth and atmosphere to the whole image.


making excellent progress!:wip: …i’m following this one avidly cause i love it!!

karisa :slight_smile:


sweet stuff. it has some grate potential- cool character design, cool composition and perspective.
hope you are planing some sleepless night to make it to the deadline- because this piece worth the effort.
maybe it’s to late for changes and new ideas, but what if the boat was made out of wood? something that will emphasize the power of Neptune and the sense of danger.
keep up


Hi Markyzan,

i agree with the others, hope you can finish your picture.
It has a nice perspective and colors.
You showed the anger from roboneptune very well.

Only the U-boat could be a little more in the water.

I wish you the best and hope you can finish it :wink:

Greets rasher73


wow looking sweet mark, love the co lours u got happening:p


Looking hawt Mark!
Great dynamics in the pic and very cool retro design of neptune and the sub!


Awesome angle and design.


really enjoy the way you set him up against the spiraling clouds in the background, very dramatic, this is going to be a good one:thumbsup:


Go Mark go! looks great dude :smiley: