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Way back in the far reaches of avian time, ducks were a brave and formidable race with a civilisation all their own. They didn’t have a need - or ability - to fly, because humans hadn’t learned to hunt them yet. Instead, ducks lived a life of sporty leisure and preferred to ski across lakes and ponds to get around.

The duck society was based on an island in the middle of the ocean, and from this humble origin they travelled across the globe in a giant steam-driven waterskiing duck. By this means they slowly colonised every corner of the world.

No one knows what led to the ducks’ downfall. They were way too smart to get involved in sub-primes or credit default swaps. More likely, the rise of humans had something to do with it. My personal theory is, as humans learned to hunt ducks the ducks’ charmed life changed for the worse and the birds taught themselves flight as a means to avoid the arrows and, much later, lead pellets fired from their human assailants.

The long great duck age came to an end, to be replaced by the era of humanity. But to this day, ducks can sometimes be seen waterskiing across ponds. If you’re a little bit sneaky you can still find them doing it when the water is glassy-smooth and they don’t think you’re watching. That’s how I managed to get these photographs.

As for the giant steam-driven water-skiing duck, no one knows what happened to it. In 1987 some amateur archeologists claimed to have found fossilized remains of such a craft on a hill-side in south-western Tasmania but when they allowed a hand-picked delegation of scientists to be rushed to the scene for verification the scientists claimed the object to be an overturned milk truck which had gone missing the night before.

The sad fact is, if you tell people about the steam-driven waterskiing duck these days they just won’t believe you, which is why it has fallen into mythology.

My plan is to create a scene in 3D, showing off the steam-driven waterskiing duck at the height of duck civilisation. I’ll probably get down to the pond and take some more photos too because I enjoy doing that. For those who might be interested, these shots were taken with a 400 mm lens at shutter speeds of 1000th to 1250th second.

As is so often the case, I’m grateful to Gunilla for giving me a little nudge of encouragement to enter this challenge. Many of my thoughts sent in my response to her message have filled out the history described above.

I hope to make this image colourful and believable and fun. But especially colourful. Because for some reason I keep seeing the same sepia and blue palettes cropping up all over these challenges. Come on folks, there are entire rainbows of possibility to be explored out there - tap those styluses in some of those unused swatches and see what kind of magic might happen

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A waterskiing duck hu? This should be interesting. Ok, lets see what you can come up with. I’ll be following.


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Personally i don`t think humans had anything to do with the demise of the ducks. The Mice clearly are the bad guys here. Cute little bastards sneaking around in the shadows and under ground. Scheming and Planing their evil world dominance. They are still in control they just let us think we are masters of the world. They are everywhere. We will all be marching around with Micky Mouse hats soon. Who else could be behind the financial breakdown these days. I ask you!
…Of course the Rats may have something to do with it too when i think of it…



So, there you are!
I love your idea and as always I’m very impressed on how you manage to keep your work accurate in a both mytholigical, in this case, and scientific way. A lot of research goes into this, I’m sure.
I’ll be hanging around for sure.


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Why I didn’t see your entry !
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The Slidin’ duck is cool but is it really a myth or a legend ?


Sorry, I didn’t read your story before posting…:blush:


I don’t want to come across as an ass, and I don’t want to stifle your creativity, but personally I don’t really feel that your entry is in line with the theme. I appreciate the fact that you’ve provided a detailed backstory and all (I can tell from your portfolio that you have a passion for wacky and humorous CG) but it’s not really what we had in mind when we brainstormed the idea. It was more along the lines of taking classical mythology and rendering it in a steampunk milieu.

Of course, nothing is stopping you from continuing with your current concept. But it may count against you later down the line, since one of the criteria on which entries are judged is their adherence to the overall theme.


Hmmm… I dont relay know how to read this Leigh. Are you speaking as an official CG staff member or as an individual? I have seen quite e few challenges now. And my feeling is that the judging havent always been to specific as to following the exact letter of the competition.

Some of us have discussed the fact earlier that certen styles dont really stand a chance in here. Wackey and humerous style are not something that will be apriciated here when judging time comes. Maybe a humerous style is apriciated if it looks like something from WOW.

So I guess some of us find the comuity feeling about this experiance more interesting than the actuel challenge and the winning of prices.
I`m not speaking fore Mark off course. I just hope he does what he feels is rigth for him self. And dont get put of by this kind of comment.