Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Marcin Jakubowski


good work 7 u have very good hand 2 work this image aswer :bowdown:


Epic work, one of my favourties. I think I spent more time looking at this than any one of the other images.


No disrespect to any of the other entries and winners, but I thought this was the best painting in the show in terms of just plain, old-fashioned great painting.
Well done on on a well-deserved prize.


Once again thank you all!
Roger: thank you very much for your appreciation. Of course I’m happy that I got one of the prizes. I guess that I was close to not be mentioned at all just as few great artists from the contest. I think that the formula of the contest is a little out of date. In my opinion those prize categories don’t reflect the real value of the images. For example I don’t think that I’m a master of texturing :wink:


I Have same opinion and feeling with RogersNobs, and i just have a look your thread again, your entry was so so created a fantastic piece of art. youa are the master.


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