Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Marcin Jakubowski


Beautiful image . CONGRATULATIONS:)





I gotta say your painting style is very tight & detailed. Very very nice work mate. Your skills show through very well and the story is engaging.

However I do have one main critique:

I am a bit confused with the action of the robot. Without knowing anything about the image, visually I would guess the robot is smashing through the roof and striking the elevated railroad tracks as the train zooms by.

My critique could be best represented with the question - what would a train (& structures around it) look like if something large struck it?

Did that question make sense? I hope so. From experience I would think the shrapnel from the hit would go outward (away from the direction) of the object hitting it. I would also say the debris would fly in large & small chunks in many directions (as long as it’s away from the origin.)

Did that make sense? I hope so. Looking at your final image I would say all the debris and remnants from the destructive-blow seem to be going in only one direction…down. I would also say that the feeling I get from this particular issue reminds me of when 1 actor in a movie or play prematurely pull his/her punch in a choreographed fight scene while the other reacts way before actually being hit. If you look subjectively at the train and the fist above it, it looks a lot like the train is falling to pieces much sooner than the fist actually hitting it. (Hence the movie analogy I made.)

Remember, that is mainly the impression of the image I got w/o the written explanation that would go with it. I’m sure most artists will agree that the image speaks for itself.

As for everything else, the rendering is exquisite, the color scheme wonderful, and the atmospheric perspective is very well done.



I just want to see some entries but when I see yours, I can’t just pass with out to say that your entry is awesome, great camera work, dynamic and I love your concept of the big robot I wish to can see the whole machine. So far is a solid piece for the first prize.


very cool idea and excellent execution


this piece is awesome, great compsition!
good luck with it!


Congratulations Marcin on finishing. Best wishes, good luck on judging. I love your work.


wow man!! absolutely stunning!! :buttrock:


One of my favorites in this challenge! Very emotional striking!


I thought it looked great as a WIP, but this final version is fantastic! Congrats! I sense a serious contender for the win here…


Thank you all for the critique and positive response.
Drawme786: you are probably right with the debris however I’m not sure whether it’s as important as you say. It’s an artist right to cheat in his paintings to make things clearer or nicer. Besides I’m not supported with the physics processor - I’ve got only one little render unit in my head :wink:

It seems that the extra time brought some very strong competitors. Good luck for everyone! :slight_smile:


Marcin, your final is as spectacular as I expected. Bravo! I think you’ve got a winner!


the final piece looks exquisite!
i agree that the destruction part may be inaccurate but that’s not the point of illustration. an artist does what is necessary to serve a great composition and you should deliberately change reality to tell the story when you need to. we should not be slaves to data. we are artists!
great entry!


this one goes straight into my inspirational folder… love it. good luck with judging!


This is my favorite!!!

Congratulations =)


wow …you created a fantastic piece of art. good luck on the competition


This is one of my favorite submissions alongside the Goliath piece. Your subject matter stays very true to the theme of Steampunk. It looks incredible and demonstrates great skill. Very nice!


you have my vote, really great :applause:


You’ve really nailed ‘steampunk’. Some other entries are artistically and technically good, but nothing I’ve seen captures the spirit of the competition as much as this piece. Great work!


Very nice work! Congrats!