Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Marcin Jakubowski


absolutely kicking ass art Marcin!

uuuf powodzenia


Yeah! Really nice one Morbid!
Great comp…


Absolutely Stunning! My favorite!


Now that is impressive! Really great piece of art.
Good luck !


Congratulations mate! :applause: :bounce: :scream:
one of the finest entries i’ve seen! :buttrock:
as said earlier … hands down … this is a sure win! :bounce:

good luck buddy! :thumbsup:


This is one of my favourite entries. Lovely piece indeed.


My favourite!!

Steampunk Myths and Legends


great work :))


Fantastic final. Any chance you continue working on it? Not that you need to :wink:


Marcin, I’ve been looking at the full-res version and I’m stunned by your skills as a painter. Your control of light and colour and composition is rock solid and there are so many wonderful details that help to tell the story that I couldn’t see before. The guy running off makes perfect sense; there is a nice psychological truth which the composition makes very clear as the policeman reacts. Wonderful!! I would suggest this is a master-piece in the true original meaning.
I’ve saved the image if that’s okay … to learn from - seriously.


This one is my favorite, just had to say


excellent executed mass and scale feel

i also like the crowd ,loko-design , color palette etc etc :slight_smile:


fantastic entry, you`ve done a great job
I really love all the little details and events happening on all layers in this picture
good luck!


It is inspiring…


Nicely executed and strong pallete, compositon and design. Trains are slick and some many other things that is not worth mentioning. Congrats on finishing.


Excellent illustration Marcin! Crowd would be my favorite part -there’s some anxious tension in there :slight_smile: Great overall feeling. Good luck.


Fantastic illustration. You are train painting master ;). Everything else is also great.


stunning image.great entry.congratulations and good luck.


this is so f***ing amazing! Very well done.
I like the reactions of the characters below very much.


my fav for sure! Fantastic finish :applause: