Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Marcin Jakubowski


Dude that´s awesome! By far my favoutite.
I think it will be easier to read if you tone down the bright area under the titans arm on the left side. Nothing is really going on there so there´s no reason to have that high contrast in that area.


this is definitely one of the cooler entries. Love the perspective and you really nailed it with the crowd, good luck with finishing, i’ll be checking back


killer work man, wish you all the best that you can finish it in time!


fantastic Marcin - such an awesome victorian feel to it! I love the characters in the foreground - they remind me so much of Frith’s paintings of the Victorian crowds:buttrock:


and you, Intervian, has been absent :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s nearly finished. I want to make only few strokes but I’d better wait with it till the morning when I’m not so tired.
Thank you all for the support.


Why didn’t it move to the top of the threads? I guess there’s something wrong with the scripts. I hope that my thread didn’t go to the cosmos.


god deam, and this glass ceilin…ugh! mega!


Ah, there’s all the falling glass I was picturing. And the train is darker and the smoke plume is no longer confusing… great changes all around! It’s looking superb!

One area I tend to have my eye rest on is the guy in the lower left, because he’s all by himself and separate from the crowd. Is that intentional? Is he supposed to be of importance? If not, throw some more people down there fleeing in terror. And if he is supposed to be intriguing… well, it worked! :slight_smile:

Anyhow, nice work.


Love this one!


oh man! thats going to be awesome! the design and rendering of the locomotive is fantastic. maybe some closeups for us ?


Whoa, you grab my soul with your image.
I’m an entrant too but my all good wishes are with your image. It really deserves to be in spotlight.
Great work, good luck!


Well done, Marcin. You should be proud of this piece. Subtle colours, strong composition, great sense of depth. I think Walrus had a point about the guy at the lower left of the frame (unless he’s another focus…hmmm). Anyway, very cool to have watched you work on this from the beginning. It’s been a pleasure.

good luck





very awesome! I love how you painted the crowd and the train. It’s got great action and atmosphere going on! Congrats on this piece!


i am so glad you are in this challange, very cool to have watched you work from the beginning until now. It’s been a pleasure.

walrus told you about the person on the left side,and i have similar opinion i was thinking why infront was so empty and silent, + 5 meters from the cameraman is nothing going on.i feel a big hole overthere, but all in all is incredible.

you are the master, i am salute!


so beautiful! :applause:


Software: Photoshop

In the original myth Zeus and other gods started to fight with the Titans (elder gods) for a right of ruling the world.
In my steam version of the story there is a group of rebels inside the country that starts a revolution against the old system. In that system everything is absurdly huge, overwhelming and truly difficult to live in.
I want to depict a moment of defeating one of the Titans - the giant robot sentinels that are spectacular signs of power and possibilities of the old system.
Beneath people trying to leave the rebel city are frightened witnesses of the great collapse.


thanks for very kind comments.
I’ve put a lot of work in this image. Of course there are areas that could/should be repainted but it has to be stopped somewhere.

The person at the left has special place. He is the first one who realises what’s going on and he is doing what everybody should do instead of staring. He’s getting his ass out of there instantly! :slight_smile:

Once again thanks and good luck for everybody!


I love your final image, You are the best…:scream:
Good Luck!