Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Marcin Jakubowski


I’ve detailed the centre of the action. I will make it more shiny probably to make it more pop-up.
Walrus: Yes, there’s still a lot of work to do. I agree that I must pay more attention to the matter of steampunk style. I plan a lot of details that will make this picture more obvious. I hope that the time will allow me to do that.
And about the smoke - it’s a trail that indicates the way of falling robot. This is why it has a shape of the circle.


Absolutely fantastic, can’t wait to see the final outcome, it’s looking great already. I’ve been trying to achieve a feeling of space in my entry - yours looks awesome :slight_smile:


Wow! This is so complex and the angle is fantastic.


Wow… looking good!


wow this is looking GREAT Marcin. You’ve come so far in a matter of days. Very nice!



really awesome…i cant wait to see the final image! :slight_smile:


Very nice:bowdown:


Keep going, Marcin. THis is something really special.


Thanks for your enthusiasm! It really gives me more power.
I painted the crowd at the bottom and made some sun beams test.


Wow! This is really turning into a powerful and strong image!
Keep the good work!


dude … i’ll be direct … i hope you win! :bowdown:

each update is like a story unfolding …

i wish you good luck! :thumbsup:

truly amazing!


wow ! I love the mood and colors … just great picture, absolutely amazing
good luck


This is wonderful already. One of the very best. Beautiful sense of that sunlight and space.


Well, Marcin, no doubt about it. This is a very strong piece indeed. Nice flow of lines, great subtleties in colour…can’t wait to see how this plays out.




This is quite fabulous, I have watched it grow & I have tried to learn from it… you have captured such solid weight in the engine I am quite envious. I realize now that my own piece may be too bright and saturated, I need to dirty it down a lot I figure.

The crowd you have added is truly remarkable, I would love to know how you began that little gem, I have another picture that has lain dormant for a while because I cannot seem to work a large cajoling crowd into something identifiable!

Good look, to echo Nwiz, you are onto a winner my friend!



although here’s a thought. Is this titan supposed to be defeated…or is he attacking the people below?


Impressive detail Marcin!

Maybe adding some debris would spice up the scene.


thanks you all for such a positive response. I’ll do my best but there’s still a lot to spoil :wink:
Domoaritago: the robot is defeated. I have to make it more obvious. I’ve got several ideas how to do it and I’ll see which is the best.
Abscnth: I’m a little surprised myself how quickly I got the proper crowd. There’s no special tricks… just some reference and imagination.


Beatifully rendered Marcin. I am just going to sit back and watch.


I love the giant robot’s design, but what amazes me more is the sense of giant scale in your art! Great work!

( And, what the heck, just let the robot attack and have his fun! )