Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Marcin Jakubowski


thanks for the support! I wish I had more time to devote to this contest. But I suppose that most of the contestants have similar problem :slight_smile:
Here is a colour scheme that I’m going to develop. It will be a midday with strong sun and strong shadows. So I plan rather high contrast and rich palette in the light areas. There will be more steam, space, specular metals, broken shining glass and so on.


wow! really nice. love the scale. Cant wait to see this one.


loving it big time! The composition works really well and I dig the scale and palette! The train design is also sweet!


You have so many styles, I wonder how you are will finish this on. I love the train in the rain on your website.


I started with detailing the Tytan.


Great - love your work - the tytan seems to be gigantic ! I´m curious !


Great job. Looking forward to see your final steampunk


the composition and relation size is really inteersting.


first iteration of locomotive details. It’s high time to work over the construction of the hall and the crowd.


hey dude!

i am very jealous of your structure/building - i shied back from something that complex, but you mastered it (mine turned into nice and easy cylinders haha)!

what i have been battling with and i think would help your image is to differentiate the foreground and background more - the eye doesn’t know where to look at the moment in your image! try levels, colours or saturation maybe to differentiate?!

nice detail on the train - can’t wait to see the rest!

good luck! cheers, n.


I love what you are doing in your composition! So dynamic! I’m definitely going to follow your thread!


This is awesome! Great painterly-but-photographic feel to the lighting and atmosphere. I love it!


I’ve been working on the construction. There will be more layers of steam and some atmospheric effects.
Now I will try to take control over the chaos in the centre of the image. Something tells me that it will be harder than I expected at the beginning.

Thanks for the comments.


strong piece! loving it! keep going!


Hi Marcin
I like your composition and the view of your camera and of course your style is also really special

my stemapunk - challages
-Stymphalian birds


This is coming along nicely. I was scratching my head over how you would illustrate such a dynamic and complicated design with lighting, shadows ex… but your making it look easy. Very impressive. Keep up the good work!


reeeaally impressive work! killer piece of art!


This looks great so far. Time is short, but I’m sure you can finish it in time :slight_smile:


Nice work there. Truly remarkable!


Really nice work so far. Great camera angle, and the detailing on the architecture is truly wonderful! Very appropriate to the period, and yet a style not many entrants have capitalized upon. (I found some great images when doing my research too, but the don’t fit my scene.) Anyhow, here are a few thoughts and suggestions:

Right now the train feels almost white, which isn’t quite steampunk and also doesn’t bring the train into the foreground very much. Perhaps if you made it darker and added some browns into the train colors, it would bring it more into the foreground and associate the train with the foreground character better, and look more iron/brass like a good steampunk engine.

THe smoke from the giant robot is very nice, but it seems quite odd to me that it should be traveling in a ‘U’ shape, up and then back down again. It’s something that I find confusing in all of your iterations, and am not sure it’s helping you compositionally.

Lastly - and this may be a final detail that you just haven’t got to yet - it would be really cool to see shards of glass raining down from where the robot had broken through the structure: I think it would add some nice motion and make the robot feel less static.

Anyhow, terrific work so far - good luck with the rest! :thumbsup: