Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Marcin Jakubowski


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Latest Update: Final Image: Titanomachy - fall of the Hyperion


Finally I’m joining the challenge.
Here’s the rough sketch of the idea I’ve got in my mind.
I must admit that first I made up a scene and then I tried to find a story behind. I’ve chosen Titanomachy and adapted my idea to it. In the original myth Zeus and other gods started to fight with the Titans (elder gods) for a right of ruling the world.
In my steam version of the story there is a group of rebels inside the country that starts a revolution against the old system. In that system everything is absurdly huge, overwhelming and truly difficult to live in.
I want to depict a moment of defeating one of the Titans - the giant robot sentinels that are spectacular signs of power and possibilities of the old system.
In my sketch you can see giant robot falling down on the railway station hall full of people trying to escape from the rebel city.


I need a lot of good design there. Let’s start with the locomotive and meanwhile I will think over the story and composition.


Here’s a sketch of the defeated Tytan.


killer. i really like the engine in the forearm. excited to see how this turns out.


Wow. I think titan’s concept is really great. I especially like the mechanisms on his chest and belly. Can’t wait to see your next steps…
Good luck :wink:


Hey Marcin,

it’s good to see you in this competition. I’m a big fan of your work. I really like what you’ve done so far with the composition. The eye moves easily to the might of the titan. Also, your locomotive design is looking great. Looking back on my stuff I should probably have labeled mine and made it cleaner like how you have it here. Anyway, keep it up, it’s going well


Very nice work, love your designs, I can’t wait to see more.


Thanks guys,
yet another locomotive concept.


Gr8 designs buddy! Can t wait to see the final! :thumbsup:


It has been a long time since I sent any image.
So here’s a sketch (still not finished). I hope that if I do proper perspective I won’t have problems later. Everything made in Photoshop. Next time I will use some 3d software to generate this kind of construction I suppose.


the same sketch with the crowd and the Titan.


welcome, Marchin. You are late :stuck_out_tongue:

brilliant concept. I’m sure you will do a superb job as usual!


This has a wonderful sense of scale, Marcin. Good luck.


Looks really promising! Great composition and scale!


I love that concept. looking forward for updates… :bounce:


excellent [not that I’m surprised]! Looking forward to this one for sure:arteest:


Love the composition! Nice sketches and idea! Waiting to see how this will evolve.


i can see another serious contender here from what I saw so far.
in the early stages you can already tell it is going to be something really good.

if i can throw my 2 cents i would add just a little bit room in front of the steam engine or cut it off more. either way. right now it seams to come down exactly to the bottom left corner.
thanks for sharing and good luck!


Lovely! The last update is really good! Love the depth in the picture and the concept of the train. As someone allready said the sence of scale is really nice. :wink: Looking forward to seeing the progress!