Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Marc Tan


Marc Tan is entered in the “Steampunk Myths and Legends” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Work In Progress: Steampunk Hoplite


My previz of what a steampunk greek hoplite during the Trojan War would look like.


!!! Don’t waste time!!! Jus joking…

Really love to see a steampunked hoplite… one of my favourite greek units. Its looking gd~

Is he going to have those awesome trademark long spears?


Yo Marc, finally see your entry here, can’t wait to see your 3D version of this character, hehe. Will you make a scene for him? :applause:


Here’s the current WIP in 3dsmax. Made some changes to the original concept. Concept will continue to evolve as I go along.


Yo Uncle Marc, nice to hear you finally joined the competition. After the few kicks you gave to the guys, its worth the kicks for us to jump start. Well, certainly your character modelling is excellent, can’t wait to see more progress on the stuff :buttrock:


Current work in progress for the steam driven bionic arm.


cool man , the hand looks very detail…Good luck…


More detailing work on body armor and equipment.


Latest WIP. Hope to finish the basic modelling before the ned of the week.


More WIP images.


Really nice model so far, a nice combination of your two sources or steampunk and centurion. So once he’s done, what do you plan on doing with him? Good luck!


Hey Mark, Great that you’re here!
You’re working faster :wip: just follow the great work!..He looks stronge and serious, that’s good.


Latest sculpt in ZBrush.


whoa! great modeling skills you got there! :slight_smile:
i’m really excited to see him in a scene! what will he do?


More WIP sculpts in ZBrush.


Front and back view.


Wow. Good job on the clothes! Nice…:thumbsup:


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