Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: marc mordelet


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thank you all ! yes it will be black and white, but with some colors too :wink:


It all looks very epic. I really like the final shot.


Thank you ! your team work is great too ! :thumbsup:

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test of the steambike at the end.
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somehow I love the style of your work man, unique with alot personality on it;
keep it up ma, it is going to be a great work, :wink:

GL btw, :thumbsup:


thank you mim Armand ! i like your work to

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Love your style! Very dark, and every shot has something interesting that hooks the viewer’s interest. Will definitely watch this develop.


Thank you Adamtsc !

more tests.
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[b]new test for posseidon

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some new renders

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It’s starting to look more unified and cohesive. I love the way you play with light and dark in this piece. Too bad you got rid of the song :slight_smile: I found it a bit strange at first, but was surprisingly catchy.


thank you Adam !
For the song, no worry, i am working with the same band for the trailer.

1rst test of a flying machine.[b]

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some wire


This looks great, I love your style! Goodluck finishing it all up!


Atmosphere in your animatics is great - nicely disturbing


Thank you Martijn81 and Darkov !

some more 3 shots ( still a lot of work on them )

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Great update Marc - the mood of the first two shots is fantastic, really dark and surreal. What kind of audio are you going to put with it?


This looks amazing! Very nicely animated. :applause:


hey concept is good
but u can do much better…
keep goin on.
best luck.


Thank you all !

Duncs, the audio will be a mix of tribal music with a little bit of jungle.

i am working on the sound fx for the moment. almost all the shot are render.
i need to finish 10 more shots.
the music will be add at the end with the voices.

here is a little 1mn preview of the first sound fx.( some shots needs to be composited ).
the trailer will be under 3mn.

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