Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Lior Arditi


Hello guys!
Started looking for the right framing that will reflect the story right… at my first sketch, Pinocchio was already locked away, but then I realized there was no tension in the story. it’s cost me the info of Stromboli feeding on wood, but maybe it’s still exist as a sub-text.
crit will be welcome.


What a fantastic gem of a thread! Some gorgeous ideas in here, and like Walrus, I love the shapes in your concepts. The standalone piece of stromboli is brilliant, I could almost see that as a finished piece in itself!

If I had to nitpick (and it’s hard!) I’d say that the current sketch you have lacks something of the threat that stromboli has in your earlier images. He almost looks friendly… which I know is kind of the point, given I’m guessing it’s where Pinocchio first meets him, but I love the meaner look he has in some of your earlier stuff.

Just my personal thoughts though, feel free to carry on as you were, as I’m sure it’ll turn out to be a fabulous image all the same!


Now that’s menacing!


Samantha- your thoughts are just the thing I’m looking for… while tangled in my own ideas, it’s very helpful to hear others interpretation of the concept. well, you got it right- just like you say: Stromboli kick ass when he is more evil, but then again, he is still need to be deceiver. still, the whole thing need to be more dynamic.
For me it’s always the hardest part in the puzzle. nothing that a bit of a thinking won’t solve.
Thanks a lot


Hello everyone! it’s been a while since my last update. here are the details of stromboli’s carriage. I’m planing to give it all a very colorful look using the ref of the “moulin rouge”.
Like always-crit is alwayes welcome.


man that is so gorgeous. love the beard and the detail.


There’s a lot of really great shapes and character in your concepts… looking forward to seeing this progress :slight_smile:


definitely a thread I will follow


really strong concept
looking forward to see where you’ll take this :slight_smile:


amazing designs. i love the mules and stromboli. cool! :slight_smile:


Love that Stomboli design! Looking forward to the rest, good luck.


Thank you all so much for your kind words guys- happy to see that my efforts staying awake at nights painting, is being appreciated.
I know it’s way to early for this, but I couldn’t help my self…did some color-light rough testing. not sure which is better, but the brownish colors always create a grate steam punk atmosphere.


I personally like the cold one better, I think it is a lot moodier and scary, also all those lights are just damn cool and they would stand out more on that one.


this is shaping up nice. like the composition. really like the blue lighting scheme.



looking good. I agree with Angel - i think the blue tones give the image more of an atmosphere.


I agree with the other posters. The blue tone has mood and brings some contrast with the lighting on the vehicle. Good job :slight_smile:


Amazing stuff! Blue tint with all these lights rock’s.


And for me THE WARM ONE suit better. More steampunkish i guess. And it looks (the warm one) like You’ve put less effortt on it (no offence). So i think if would work more on “warm”, You could achvie the same or better darky mood like in the cold one…
…maybe “warm” is too bright.
And i like this slime green on the bottom, sneaking behind poor Pinokio.

But in the end it still has mood weather it is warm or cold.
It is up to You, untill You listen to the majority :wink:



Hey guys. it’s been a long time since my last update. god knows it’s hard to find some spear time to sit quietly and paint…
just about to finish the layout, and I’m ready for the fun stuff- light and coloring.


started to do some working on the details. I thought I’ll enjoy this, but not much time is left until deadline. with a little luck, I’ll be able to pule this one off.
wishing a peacefull night to you all.