Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Lior Arditi


This is one of the most interesting entries I saw. Really nice , like it a lot!
The execution, colors, characters and theme… just fun to look at!
Congrats and good luck, lioration !


This is one of my favourite entries (from those that I’ve seen), I love the design of the characters, the atmosphere… everything!
thanks for inspiring us with this great artpiece :slight_smile:


WOW! :bounce:


Sorry, Lior, I didn’t mean to scare you! I thought it was a legitimate concern, but glad to know you’re all taken care of! :thumbsup:

(and yes, I know what you mean about the time crunch when you have a day job and kids, I’m right there with you!) :wink:


Congratulations for the final piece Lior! Your thread is one of the more interesting to watch, well crafted work in every aspect and a sweet fairytale look on the final :slight_smile: Good luck with the judge, you surely deserve that :wink:


5 stars !!


wow! lior, thats amazing!

I like the idea and the process, the final resault is truly remarkable.

good luck!


Fantastic final image.
It really seams that Pinocchio will be in real trouble.


awesome work. great design and very professionally executed. :beer:
good luck!



yakonusuke - :thumbsup: Thanks dude!. I hope the lack of technical experience, is being balanced with the story telling skills…

elmasfeo -so glad to here my work inspires some of you guys. I do feel there is yet much to be done in here, compositing wise. I will probably get back to this one day for the final touch.

Bayaron -Don’t you Wow me mister! :stuck_out_tongue:

walrus- Nothing to be sorry about, it’s been a useful concern (like always). didn’t scared me at all- it’s better to be safe the sorry. :arteest:
and about the time crunch- So happy I’m not alone in this- from what I saw around, I got the feeling that everybody here are careless, and free enjoy this challenge, with out being interrupted to channging dippers to a crting baby. :cry:

AUMAKUA- I tried to give my piece the feeling as if it was ripped out of the pages of a children book, but not the one you read to your kid before bed time.
Thanks for your feedback- it’s mean a lot to me.

Oz, Ilan, fabmoraes & itay- Thank you so very much. :beer:

Take care


“I tried to give my piece the feeling as if it was ripped out of the pages of a children book, but not the one you read to your kid before bed time.”

You definitely achieved this Lior !


great stuff :thumbsup:



Hi, lioration. Thanks again for your nice comment. I think your artwork also deserve it to be one of the finalists :wink: I like the design of Stromboli with all the fine details, but also his main proportions are really interesting. I just can say: Great work.


Nice work…!


This is definately one of favourite ones:) Im loving the solidness to the bridge an the how heavy the tank bit feels. I like the different hues around his metalic neck collar also. A very very nice finished piece. Well done:)


wow, nice picture


What a hidden Gem! I missed this thread completely!

Fully fantastic and one of my favorites in this competition. I liked the little red riding hood concept but it seemed a little…I dunno, too much like the fantastic circus image you did last year with the little girl. I thought the girl was an artistic signature of some sorts! So anyway, was happy you went with the wooden boy instead and pssshhh respect for the final piece. The details on the villain are really well thought-out. Top Row for me :slight_smile:


Wow! didn’t expect to get so many comments, must say…
thank you all for taking the time to write down your feed backs and impressions. it’s nice to know that all the small details are being noticed. :thumbsup:

Adam my friend - didn’t expect to see you around, and what a pleasant surprise!
about my red riding hood sketch- well, you said it yourself- no artistic signature involve, only some bad habit going for the familiar places. but even though I went for the wooden boy choice, I still feel as if I didn’t used the full potentials of this concept… I had in mind a whole different setup for this scene, that was way too complicated for such a tight deadline.
and yes- The villain took about 80% of the concept and execution… I guess I fell in love with him along the way.
Thanks so much for dropping by.:beer:


Beautiful work this is one of my favourites :buttrock:


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