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Hey guys.
grate challenge this time, I must say.
so here is my fast sketch for steam punk riding hood tale.
Once I’ll have some free time I will start doing some design research.
Good luck everybody! hope we will all enjoy this ride.


really nice :slight_smile: strong composition too.
keep it up !


Love it already. :smiley:

The point of view… the concrete jungle… how massive the wolf is in comparison. Looks very promising. Keep it up :smiley:


Amazing character you made here :slight_smile: I’m not sure if it looks friendly or evil. Maybe both.


i was thinking this story at one stage :slight_smile:
but you have really made a great concept pic there :slight_smile:


Neubius, Confuzzled- thanks for your kind words…
MartinNielsen- well, at first, both design and pose of the wolf was super evil. then I gave it a second thought… the scene felt so very superficial. so I took a turn, and changed the wolf into a character that both red riding hood & the viewers can relate to.

any way, last night I decided to try to deal with the tale of Pinocchio. I tried to give it the twist of the steam punk world. I used some really neat ww1 tank ref.
it cost me a few hours of my night sleep, but who cares? It’s made me happy like hell. I just need to find a way of deal with the exhaustion, and I’m cool…


Looking sweet! Great idea on the pre-visualization. Nice composition too
wow, good choice on getting refs from the ww1 tanks! the designs you made from it looks terrific. Can’t wait to see it get done. I’ll know you’ll do good :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Comlock.
I started reaserching pinocchio design- it’s turned out to be all too cute.
not there yet, but it a start…


Hey Lior,

Cool idea!, love your design on the Stromboli circus car, great!! Nice start with pinocchio design, hahahaha like the sketch with the bird in his nose :D. Waiting for more updates on your concept! Cheers!! :beer:


The tale of Stromboli:
“Charm and flattery are the facade for this heartless showman who burns his puppets for firewood when they’ve grown too old to perform. Money is the puppeteer’s sole passion, and his marionettes are only a means to an end. As soon as Stromboli realizes Pinocchio’s carnival potential – a puppet who can sing and dance without strings – he’ll stop at nothing. Only kidnapping can ensure this “little wooden gold mine” keeps performing for him, whether Pinocchio likes it or not.”

For the evil Stromboli design, which is my favorite character in this scene, I found “Harold Zidler” from the “Moulin Rouge” to be a fantastic match.
Updates are coming soon.


Hey Lior,

Thats some amazing pre work, and brainstorming you’ve done, I also like your concept you did, looking good, will enjoy wathcing your thread, cheers!


steampunk (illustration)


Software: Photoshop

Fernando, Rup- thanks so much- glad you love it. I think that a good concept is the one that have a tight idea behind it. it’s takes a lot of researching, but it worth it.
here is the wip for Stromboli character. still not happy with his pose & anatomy- maybe I’ll fixed that on scene.


excellent chara design. I just love it.


These are just some fantastic designs so far - lovely, original shapes and silhouettes, while all feeling really steampunk at the same time. Great work - I look forward to seeing how you put it all together!


Awesome design and idea. I don’t remember Stromboli from the tale, but I haven’t read it for awhile. Will this be a 3d or a 2d illustration?


I love the silhouettes of those vechiles! Really cute!


Womball- TNX!
my knowledge of this story is based of the wanderful Disney film (1940), and also on one of my favorite japanese animation tv series "The Adventures of Piccolino", that was shown in Israel back at the 80’s, when I was a boy.
Stromboli aka Mangiafuoco, is an evil puppet master which kidnapes pinocchio and force him to take part in his show. more info
And I’m an old school 2d guy.

authentic, walrus, JackZhang: guys’ it’s warms my heart to hear good feedbacks from such a talented ppl all around. it’s a truly inspiring place to hang out…
updates coming soon.


I like your style. Very cool steampunk concept.


Well, did some more progress. this time it’s the mules that pushes Stromboli’s carriage.