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Latest Update: Concept / pre-visualization: dragon design


*waves at another Linda :slight_smile: good luck can’t wait to see what you come up with


luck to you too, girl :slight_smile:


hie Linda,dropping by and wish ya luck,send my regards to ned,havent come across his thread,i hope he’s in as well:)


Ivy00: waves back heeey!! thank you and good luck to you too :smiley:
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MichaelZHsee: heeey :smiley: thanks for dropping by :smiley: ill sure keep an eye on your page :slight_smile: well neb should get here any day now since he finds this challenge rather interesting :smiley: so i suppose soon youll be able to say hi to him in person :slight_smile:


well here are just few concept ideas. pleas dont mind the messines, i was prettymuch just splattering colours.

so ok here is my idea.

when i first saw this challenge i badly wanted to make a vampire steampunk theme, but i didnt want it to be just some random theme.
i was reading bram stokers dracula book some time ago, and decided i wanted to use dracula in this picture forward on.

but also i did some historical researchand somehow decided to mix both. bram stokers vampire dracula, and the historical dracula with all his corpses impaled on stakes.

so here is the explanation about the picture above. i imagine a picture on a huge battlefield, with dracula riding on a giant dragon mecha - thingie, since dracula in a historical version was known to lead the “order of the dragon” which is why he got his name–dracul–dragon.

also i meant to put alot of his victims as his personal army. people impaled on a stake would be manipulated as his “undead soldiers” (something like a necromancer) riding armored boars (because romanian woods are known to have these types of animals in it) that also had armoured dragion heads and are also controlled.

well this is pretty much the basic idea… so i hope as i go i will develop it into a better story/picture.

thank you all for a warm wellcome, and good luck to you all on this great challenge, and have fun :smiley:


Wow great Idea I can’t wait to see how this pans out!! Steampunk vampire good Idea.


nice ideas and info bits about the boars n stuff :slight_smile:


I would think with the steampunk… have the undeads limbs be made up of steampunk leftovers… Like scavanged bits almost.

But I like the previs… My pre-vis is much…rougher…


Lordrych: thank you very much :slight_smile:
Squibbit: thanks friend :slight_smile:
eevilmouse: well of course im not going to just use impaled corpses, there are corpse leftovers such sa upper parts ripped and fused with steampunk parts. so yes i had that in mind too.
variety makes it more interesting, and thank you very much for your reply :slight_smile: i very much aprecciate it.


hello missy,been a whiiiiiiile? neb still around these parts?

nice idea,needs more gears and oil hehe


best of luck for sure - great idea :smiley:


Damn you people work fast! I like the idea of vampiric and steampunk together, a brilliant combination… though I also like the look of the dragon… a steampunk dragon would rock.
Best of luck, Linda!


awesome character …love it so much
good luck ya
love always
Mohammed Ali Ramadan


NOOB! hey noob :smiley: it really has been awhile, im so happy to see you around as well :slight_smile: i hope you’ve been well :smiley: hahaha well neb will enter as well as far as i know, perhaps on a later date, since he is so fast XD

Intervain: thank you very much :slight_smile: best luck to you too :slight_smile:

Zephyri: ahhaha not really… i just had an idea pop in my head so i just threw a quick doodle. but i have a job now so im not as frequent as i used to be here, but i hope ill be able to update atleast once a week :slight_smile:
thank you very much for your kind words of encouragment, it really means alot. i will be watching your progress as well :slight_smile:

bsb: thank you very much :slight_smile: i wish you the best of luck and lots of fun :slight_smile:


Looking really cool! :buttrock: the rider sure looks deadly and steamy! :cool:


Working this version of a steampunk Dracula, and a large battlefield is a good idea.
I wish you to have a lot of time to do a fine art piece and I’m happy to see you in this challenge :arteest:


That’s an epic concept! best of luck with your piece :slight_smile:


Nice start on the sketches, looks like this will be an interesting one. Good luck :slight_smile:


hey linda! Nice to see u there :slight_smile: best of luck!