Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Liam Hunter


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Latest Update: Work In Progress: Tank Track


hey all,

this is my first challenge ever and i hope ill have time besides my non cg related studies:D.

Im going to go for a steampunked version of the three little pigs storytale!

For everyone who has never heard of it (which i highly doubt) heres a link. a wonderfull disney version :love:


this is a first concept sketch of what a steampunk wolf machines body could look like


and heres a first wip and also a must for everything steampunkish… a gear!


well heres the first tank track i have ever built. polycount is pretty heavy.
my laptop hates me for that and is trying to set me on fire. luckily he was unsuccesfull up to now ^^


nice chain man… looks very aggressive to me
let´s see how you combine that with the 3 litte pigs :wink:

good luck in this challenge (it´s my first one too)


thanks for the comment.
i got a vision in my head how to combine it.
today i was more into modeling but ill definitly sketch out where i really want it to go :stuck_out_tongue:

put a link in your signature so i can visit your thread couldnt find it right now.

anyways good luck to you too!


Hey hey Oneandonly! Nasty looking tracks you got going there, good start & good luck to you.


Wow.Cool stuffs u got there. Goodluck.


Liam I’m so sorry. My daily schedule was packed and I didn’t have the time to go around and checking others’ progress.

I definitely like your 3-pigs-story concept. My only suggestion is even if you make them steampunkish, try to keep the silhouette of the characters. meaning, a metal wolf is a wolf, right now it’s going far into ww2 tank in my humble opinion. Anyway, it’s just my rusty two cents.

Good luck!


Mellbrix: thanks man. good luck too you too if i havent posted that in my comment on your thread already

JulianRio: thanks

JackZhang: Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Always nice to get response from people who are actually in the industry.
Your point is right and this shows the disadvantage of not posting a complete concept at start.
I will definitly get some concept ready tomorow or so.
Till then ill just give you a written response.

My plan is a warmachine.
But it wont be a wolf looking machine that just goes on its own.
It will more be a tool for the wolves to use.
Its going to get a wolfs head like front piece that more looks like a theater prop or so.
From the mouth there will be an exhaust for air compressed by their tank.
Behind that there will be a driver stance and wolves actually operating their machine!
So with this steam punk time tool theill huff and theill puff and theill blow everything away!
Without knowing this your comment wasnt two rusty cents it was spot on!


heres a wip of the steam tank


I can’t wait to see this come together.


wow, realy nice gears, i love it :smiley:
Good luck Liam


Hey Liam,

Your idea sounds cool :smiley: And your work is looking really good, like a lot the model of the tank track. I want to see the wolf with that great weapon, that should be great for sure!! Wating for more updates on your concept! Cheers !! :beer:


so heres a go at building the boiler kettle and its base. theres exhaust pipes attached to the fire chamber just so that the smoke doesnt get out on the wrong side. c&c appreciated as always


iDrift: thanks a lot mate

landim: thanks a lot good luck to you too

Ferx: thanks man!

Im also pretty pleased especially as i have never done a tank track before.
Infact these are all still my first steps at hard surface modeling.
Zbrush was the first 3d program ive ever used and ive played with that alot.
Its a rather weird approach at the world of 3d but im happy to learn more every day.

I guess ill have to either redo those tracks or get a new computer i guess ill do both.
The polycount is just to high for my 2 year old laptop. I tried getting the tracks in symmetry and it crashed my comp a few times :hmm: Anyways ill get a concept update soon for today its just a little modeling fun :stuck_out_tongue:


Fun idea, looking good so far. The tank threads looks so vicious in a cool way. Gears and boilers, great, nothing to complain about :wink:


Man I have a huge catalog of model trains that I’m using for reference that would be useful for you. I got it for free at a Train model show last year… maybe you can get one from their site, but apparently the company got bought out so you may have to dig a little for it.

This seems to be the current owner

These are the new owners but it seems they aren’t making LGB sets anymore. Maybe they have some other catalogs that you might find useful

they do have a catalog but costs 5 bucks… haven’t seen it inside so I have no idea if it is worth the effort.


I’m really liking your sense of design. It all looks perfectly steam-punk, but there is a real elegance about it too. It’s an intriguing idea to have the wolf driving the machine too. I’m looking forward to see what you come up with next