Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: laurent pierlot


wow! excellent image!


great idea, great execution


cool concept

steampunk challenge entry-…?f=278&t=694713

surreal challenge-…p?f=31&t=718218


impressive work Laurent
i think you are one of the winners:)


Congrats. Excellence awarded :thumbsup:


i knew it ,i knew it:)),congorate for Prize


Monsieur Pierlot, s’il vous plait ! :wink:


no surprise here, je t’aurais meme mis 1er :deal:

I would have love to see the progress of the image a lot more gradually though.


wow great design, texturing and lighting, like it a lot.
many concept you’ve done came from your student past that’s i see

you can notice I ve got a bad english


I get it :slight_smile: know what fairy is this :slight_smile: it’s a teeth fairy :smiley: just that… :smiley: she’s got a pretty large tooth to handle ;D wonder where the guy get that tooth from lolz ;D all in all, a stunning piece. It’s cool to see someone making something like that. Congrats :slight_smile:


Amazing work Sato!

and congratulations!

I really like the lighting. It looks like a very rainy place… and the machine is excellent. The blue mood in the comp puts all together! And Its remarkable how you could handle the tiny fairy in contrast with the big machine, getting balance through the equation… tiny but lighter, bigger but darker… really nice piece.
Congratulations and cheers!

PS// how did you add the atmospherics? I mean, rain and drops etc… is it 3D or 2d?


Hey Laurent,

Congrats on the win, thats one amazing amazing piece, watch amazing to see your progress, cheers



Congratulations, a haunting and atmospheric piece and a well deserved placing! :thumbsup:


really great work, I love the mood. congratulations!!! :slight_smile:


Absolutely gorgeous! I haven’t seen your entry before. Congratulations on the challenge, very well deserve prize!!


Atmospherics are a mix of Fog pass, Smoke FX and Volumetric comped in Digital Fusion.
For the rain I simply created a bunch of little reflective spheres and rendered them separately with motion blur and comped it on top.



The tooth fairies


Laurent, just want to add my congratulations directly. Well deserved prize, setting the bar for quirky, individual works that go way beyond the medium and take on a life of their own.


Great dude!
You are an huge inspiration to me! It’s always regarding to see how you develop your art.
Congratz for the prize!

Keep it up and all the best,


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