Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: laurent pierlot


Hi sato, i like the colortones very much.
And of course, the picture too.

Cool to see how an 3d rendering looks after tweaking it.

Whats not working for me is the tree on the left, its to dark.
Missing some highlights.

Good luck, rasher73


thanks for all the great comments.
The HD version will be more clean.(rain and atmospherics)
I don’t want to put light on the FG tree, it should remain dark with some spec…it will be defocused later.


Im about done now for the contest…good luck everybody!


Those are close up from a medium size render.


Funny, creepy, beautiful… nice work!


Thats fantastic,I love its mood a lot ,keep up the amazing work!


Impressive work!!!

Really impressive!!!:buttrock:


Looks Beautifull :). Very nice lighting.


I really like your work. It has a fantastic feel and is very charming. Hope to see this one when they choose winners.
I think the machine character could have some more depth. Might worth trying to tone down the back a bit, if it is rainy and dark, I think it has a bit too much contrast. Just my opinion, but overall fantastic. G`luck


My Steampunk


Now it’s really perfect! Hats off to you :applause:


That is stunning.
I love the quality of this the the way the leather is taut and stretched and compressed in a very tactile way. You have a very singular vision and you carry it out without effort seemingly. A true master of the medium.
Good luck with the judging!!


Software: ZBrush

This idear came from a picture I did a while ago : Baktokado witch was inspired by my student movie: Baektopur.
The idear is that they use fairies as pets.
So for the challenge I choose the mith of the tooth faity and imagined that they use a giant tooth as bait to cach fairies with steam machines.


This is one of my favorite pieces from the competition;The design is fantastic, the amount of detail is incredible, the lighting and the humor of the piece are impressive as well. I thought he was holding the tooth up there, to attract the faries and EAT them.

-edit, there now is a closeup! Thanks Sato! Didn’t see those little wrinkles in the clothing before.


awesome man !! I really like it ! :D:D:D


Congratulations. Very nice work:) Beautiful.


And I thought I loved the last image, this is fantastic. It’s definitely my favorite of the contest, great lighting, textures, and atmosphere. And the idea is so simple, and so well executed. I wish you the best in the contest!


Superb final :thumbsup:


Hey! Wonderful piece!

I really enjoy watching your final piece.

Congratulations for finishing!


This is really cute! What’s the myth/legend it’s based on?


Really moody, expressive style, love it !