Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: laurent pierlot


nice, sweet design.


rendering/texturing Wip


I didn’t saw you were in the challenge. Love your style so recognizable. Excellent lighting in your picture.


Beautiful and bizarre.
Nice to be in on the birth of a great image.

I presume this will have lots of steamy atmospherics?


Excellent lighting and character! Although its hard to see the little character right now. I really like the grinning guy controlling the 4 armed creature. Very evil looking.


Yes indeed, and some rain too if I can manage it.


WOW - great concept. do you still planning to build plants in fore/background ? could be good for the atmosphere. perhaps a little forest where the fairy lives. so far its an expressive piece of work. rock on!


impressive design and execution :slight_smile: whats that word on the pipe means?
i really love the lighting also…


I was thinking about doing just some tree trunks but plants could be cool too.
Thanks for the great comment.
deadline is soon…I hope I’ll have time to finish everything.


Very nice concept. Lighting looks excellent:thumbsup:. The small character is too small. Maybe a little more camera zoom in might look good. Also a little foggy atmosphere may work not sure.


Definitely one of my favs. A really funny theme too!


New WIP,I did a test with some trees and Rain just need the steam now.


Perfect:thumbsup:. Rain is adding a lot to the atmosphere and mood. Great job.


Wow, I like the bot with the coat. and the lighting and textures are nice too.

This looks promising when it’s done. good job!


Fantastic work!the body of the creature reminds me of an Abyss Fish!Was that the source of inspiration? I think you have a very good chance on winning this chalenge,good luck!


Almost done with the picture.


Hi Laurent,
I love the atmosfer and design,but seem to be the rain kill the detail the main object.
probably the rain is too much(less is better i guess).

i love the mud on the floor in the first picture(without rain),it give a lot of effect.

my steampunk
Tootfairy and Stymphalian Birds


Wow! Love the image.
Without doubt my favourite of the bunch! :slight_smile:

Your previous work is so amazing too, you have a very recognizable style, that is just fantastic.

If anything, I would suggest to put a little more focus on the fishing pole. I almost didn’t see it, and the line as well. Maybe it can catch some kind of highlight to give away it’s position.

Good luck with this entry :slight_smile:


Very nice :slight_smile: I have two things though: The rain adds too much noise in the picture. Maybe removing some of it and add more dripping effect from the objects instead could help. The fishing pole is almost invisible to me. It needs more focus.


As others said before… great work :buttrock:
…but the rain really is too strong: it results too noisy to me.