Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: laurent pierlot


Very cool design! Subscribing for more!


Your stuff is awesome, this has a lot of potential. Looking forward to more!


Not sure what it is but I think I like it! :slight_smile:


very nice, nice


not really sure yet what Im looking at the moment, but Im a big fan of urs so I cant wait to see how this will turn our :slight_smile: nice to see u participating and best of luck!


Sweet stylized work :slight_smile: it will be one of my favourite ones!


Really love your portfolio: can’t wait to see this one finished!


Laurent this sketch is great :applause: love the loose and quick style…


I think the bit that stands out to me the most about this piece is those leather coverings on the arms / legs of the robot looking creature. They really add character to the piece. Nicely done.


Great concept and good colors!


hey. good to see u in the contest. I know its difficult to take out time when u r working in a studio or some production work. Its same with me. I always enter the cgtalk talk challenges as I love to be a part of it but only managed to complete one out of 4 which I had participated and won the 6th place .he he he.
I have participated this time too .
Best of luck to u and hope to see u complete this contest.
would follow ur thread.


From looking at your other work, steampunk will really suit your style. Your concepts already look amazing! I look forward to seeing more!


this is usually the first step for me, I’m working on a layout with simple shapes to help me find the right composition.
It’s very simple right now and I’ll start adding more details soon.
I find that 3D is always less ‘charming’ than the concept…it’s hard to keep the motivation…so much to do.


Well if it helps you …you have to finish this 'cuase your concept and layout rocks.

Please do. :bounce:


I loved the dark environment and specially the rain… inspires me! 3d or 2d I hope you finish it. I’ll follow your progress. Keep up the good work and good luck in the contest!


humm. nice mood. waiting for more! .good luck


I’m almost done with modeling, I’m gonna start playing with lights soon.


This is one of those entries that I try to take the most information from! Such nice sketch. Colors are very nice.


Very nice work indeed! As I have got and watched all your excellent dvds, I am sure your texturing and lighting update will be a masterpiece :thumbsup:


I worked on the lighting a little and now I’m starting to add some shaders and textures.