Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: laurent pierlot


laurent pierlot is entered in the “Steampunk Myths and Legends” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: BaktoFairy


Renderin exturing


Oh awesome - just the right person for this competition :slight_smile: Really like the design of that bot - especially the covering of the legs :slight_smile:


I like it! :thumbsup: Really nice concept drawing! I look forward to seeing this progress!


ok competition over, sato is in the place :smiley: .
Really looking forward to see your progress on this image.
no doubt i ll be following your thread with attention :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello Laurent,

I checked out all of your work on cgsociety and it’s masterfull and stunning to say the least. I’m not sure I’m worthy of critiqueing your work, so you will have to settle with praise at this point. I do have a question though. What is in the bots hand? Fantastic and inspiring work.



…well … that’s what i wanted to say :smiley:

really glad you’ve joined this challenge :bounce:

cheers :beer: and all the best :bowdown:.




Nice sketches laurent !


The colors are already good.
I’m looking forward to your next steps!

Best wishes,



very nice concept laurent … love the feel, good luck with the challange man :slight_smile:



Nice looking bot-thing you have there :slight_smile: And your gallery no less than stunning.


very nice job. i love the concept so much that as soon as you are done i am going to put it as my desktop wallpaper. can’t wait. I have seen your portfolio so that is why i know is going to be awesome. good look anyways.


Your a very good artist , and after watching your portfolio I’m sure you are technically one of the best to win this contest cause Steampunk look like to be your element. I will look in detail your thread, your early sketch is awesome and give well a first picture in this thread, but I’m sure you will find a more better scene that fit more with the instructions. Anyway, good light and rain effect for a speedsketching, and I really like the bot design. Keep incredible job ! :bowdown:


haha ok sasquatch, I’ll try to meet your expectations!!
unfortunately I don’t have much time on my hands…
on his hand is a fairy… this is a fairies hunter , catch them and sells them as pets.


Sweet, how much for one? :smiley:
Great concept, I especially like the colors and the mood the rain sets with the grumpy guy sitting ontop of the bot with his umbrella. At least he looks grumpy too me, I don’t know if I read that right. :wink:


Very cool. It looks like a fairy, but I was’nt sure. Good luck with your time management. That seems to be the hardest part with these challenges, but it’s a blast. Pleasure to make your acquintance. Best of luck!



lovely punk here! I really like it, specially on this heavy rain;
nice style on it, keep it up, :smiley:



Looks great! nice line work too!


That’s a beautiffull concept you got here! I only hope your character will not trap one of my fairies! They are not pets !!! They have feelings !!!

Peace :slight_smile: