Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: laurent antoine lemog


I see it with the sound! Great entry,Good job Lemog!Wish you all the best!


It looks great completed with the sound and all! Congrats on finishing your film before the deadline! I still have loads to do! great job!


Thanks mate… I’m waiting yours :bowdown:

yep… finished… I’m sure you can finish your too… you have made someting with a great design… you must show us your final film !

Well… I have a question, I just take a look to the “deliverables page”… and it’s wrote just after the Final Film Upload "30 second version of trailer for initial judging. Followed by a maximum of 90 sec making of material, followed by full length Video."

Anyone know if it’s obligatory and where we must post this suplementary film of 2 minutes ? :eek:
I don’t understand well :blush:



Hi,Lemog! The Final Entry should have in the same movie file:30 seconds trailer,90 seconds making of and your final movie.So there are 3 different things in the same flv file.:thumbsup:


Ok man… thanks a lot… I don’t have understand that… finally, I’m far to have finished in fact !!

I must do a trailer and a making-of + ? :rolleyes:

Damned… :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:


Tonight I will put my making of!:cool:


Lolo, it’s right that you need to make the 30 sec trailer, what is actually just showing the highlights of your video, but you need not to make this “making of video”, unless you want to be considered for a special skills award…

This is from the individual video site: “Finally - please remember to add a making of video for the skills awards you wish to be considered for. If you do this the length of the making of video must be less than 90 sec.”



If you like to go for the special skills, I suggest you go for modeling and just use the stills of your models. You already have a lot of images for them and could make a nice presentation from what you already have. And steampunk modeling is really one of your specialities, right? Bonne chance! :wip:


Thanks a lot to try to explain me… I’m sorry to continue to don’t understand all about this skill award ! ?
I don’t saw that… well… while waiting, maybe I can post anyway the 30 seconds trailer… :surprised


Software: After Effects,Maya

At first view, we must post the trailer before the Final Animation…

well… it’s done, and I hope it’s okay…

Play Video >>


Software: After Effects,Maya

Now, I think it’s finish for me…

best wishes for all other challengers, for these last days of works :wink:

and again thanks for the great support of friends !

Play Video >>


ho ? Joe le rappeur ! :slight_smile:
Excellent, c’est fini, c’est sympa, tu as encore bien assuré, bravo copaing ! ;

Are you a rapper or someboby ?
Nice to see it finished, you totally did it ! Great job Pale ! :wink:

Still love your sense of humor, man.

et va te coucher, il est tard !


Nice work lemog! I like it :slight_smile: I always enjoy the mechanical rigs; and works well in your scenes because…you model seemingly everything :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck on the judging :thumbsup:


Hahaha, nice work with the trailer! I really like it and the funny twist you given it. Well done, master Lemog :applause:


Hey man,

Yep…it’s a single video, with the first part being the trailer, the 2nd part being the making-of, then the 3rd part being the final video.

Congrats on finishing…good luck in teh judging stage!!!


Well… finally, that change all !
…I’m obliged to do also the making-of… not really planed :sad:
thanks a lot for the informations mate… and for your wishes :thumbsup:

tu sais… c’est mon régime quotidien avec le projet de l’expo 1900… :argh:

Thanks James… I’ve taked much pleausure with these mechanical animals you know, that was of course very funny to do…

That was made a bit quickly… but now, I must dedicate my time to the 2 other films to do for march… that will be hard to find reting time :smiley:
Merci to be always here darling…


LOVE IT…Can’t wait to show it to MR Spirit Dreamer when she gets home from work tonight…She has been telling me all along that she likes my challenge piece, but that she really loves your challenge piece, and now I will say that I have to agree with her…FANTASTIC JOB …LEMOG…:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :thumbsup:

As ALWAYS…KEEP THE MAGIC ALIVE,…and TAKE CARE LEMOG…:thumbsup: :slight_smile:

                                               Originally Posted by [b]ivanisavich[/b]
               [i]Hey man,

Yep…it’s a single video, with the first part being the trailer, the 2nd part being the making-of, then the 3rd part being the final video.

  Well... finally, that change all !
  ...I'm obliged to do also the making-of... not really planed :sad:
  thanks a lot for the informations mate... and for your wishes :thumbsup:

No no, you don’t HAVE to make a Making-of. At least that’s not how I understand it. But if you do want to, it should be put in between the trailer and full length as Tyson wrote.


Yes, you do need a making of. Check the “deliverables” page here:

All entrants were required to include making-of material last time…unless I’m really out of the loop, it’s the same this time.


Okay :slight_smile:
Sorry then. On the “Categories” page it says:

  • Individuals in the Image category may enter a video to show off special features when being considered for an award (eg, turntable for the Modeling award).

** Video entries (whether team or individual) wishing to be considered for an award(s) are encouraged to show off the skill(s) in a silent (no dialogue – background music is OK) ‘making of’ documentary immediately after their closing credits. There is a maximum of 90 seconds allowed for this in addition to the Video.

I read that, as a choice of our own, but I don’t know. I’ve never entered a video entry before.