Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: laurent antoine lemog


this really becomes gigantic, I love all this great environments :slight_smile:
looking forward to the final!!


Heh, missing a few updates is like missing a few months of work with you :stuck_out_tongue: Keep on going :bounce:


I’m sure the ducks won’t bother you about that - I think I’ve been able to distract them


Le défilé, c’est trop marrant ! les poules payent vraiment !


Hey that’s great! I like the mechanical-toy-looking so much. The animal’s scale is not a problem at all for me. Accessoirement, j’ai cru voir passer une girafe de Mr Mordillo mécanisée :wink:

Thanks man... glad you appreciate... I don't know what time it remain until the end, but I start to be very late now...

hahaha… :smiley:

…huhu… I hope :wink:

…mais elles n’arrivent pas à la hauteur de la tienne !
enfin… il y a une poule… et suivie d’un coq !

…sincèrement, je ne pensais pas pouvoir la placer un jour… et finalement si :beer:


Software: After Effects,Maya

Scenes are always in rendering actually… here’s a little update with 6 more scenes…

You saw before the scene 01 to 05… and now added the 06 to 11…

It’s a crose assembly and there’s few images to modifiy, especially few pictures in the scene 10 with the smoke…

…but that give a precise idea about the rest.

Now, it remain again 3 scenes to do…

the one where the steamboat start the rear propellers and close the door-cage,
the one where the steamboat take off, until the explosion…

and the last one, but nothing started for this one :wink:

Hope you like the animation… simple… :wink:


your uploads are wonderful.
great work!

but can u tell me the basic concept?


Well, it still looks really good wit the scenes collected like this - but no clue for the last scene yet? :deal:

I suppose I just have to wait and see…


I haven’t been here for a while and what a nice progress. Maybe smoke a little strange, but other things and animation are reeeeally nice.


Excellent work, really nice atmosphere and pace. Will be cool to see the finished piece. What kind of audio are you planning to use?

Best of luck finishing


Must take a long time to render! :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t wait to see the final product! It’s looking awesome! :slight_smile:


superb Lemog, really well done.

Im looking forward to the final ani …


Hey Laurent.
This is looking just splendid buddy.
You have a unique defined style on this project that will be hard to match by anyone I think.
If this was an election all my votes would go to you friend.:beer:
I can only wish you the best of luck for the final.

Just hope you havent taken years of your life working like this. I dont know how you do it. Maybe you have found a way of skipping sleep all together? :slight_smile:


Looking great, sucks that we have to just wait till its done, but what we have seen sofar is pretty cool.

   It's just the Noah's Ark Story... but of course more steampunk... and more funny :D
  Not for the moment dear... sorry... just until I decide if I will be able to do this last scene, and it's far to be sure for the moment... I must see about the deadline ?
 You don't like it too ? well... I just hope to have time just before the end redo smoke...
 thanks for the comment...
Rain + Storm + Thunder + water/sea + wind (environment)
Steam engine + mechanical pieces + inflating + horn (steamboat)
Steam engine + mechanical pieces + rolling wheels on street + animals sounds (Noah's train)
and maybe... a epic music... don't know what for the moment...  something as the the sorcerer's apprentice... :D 

Yep man… and I don’t know if I made the good choice with 720p… it’s a bit long…
it’s actually rendering the scene #13 on 14 !
but I’ve made nothing about the #14… I hope to find some time before the week-end…

Thanks a lot Simon…

You’re too kind Per… there’s much better projects here… but one thing is sure, I do my best to take much pleasure ! Thanks !

Unfortunetely, I don’t find THE solution… :shrug:

Thank you so much for the good motivation and the support Robert… :beer:


It looks like ghosts a bit :slight_smile: But I don’t think it’s that bad and it’s unnoticeable if you don’t pay attention to this.
Other things are very very nice. Good luck!!!


Its coming along wonderfull!
Nice job L-man.
I can’t stop admiring your dedication and thouroughness, respect for that, and for your great ability to reply to every post out there…respect and cheers! :beer:


The new scenes look wonderful. I suppose the giraffes will only just fit under the doorway of the ark, but that is not a criticism - it is more like something that will be fun to watch


:arteest: 3 scenes to go !!!.. cool can`t wait for those :bounce: keep going :arteest: