Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: laurent antoine lemog


Software: After Effects,Maya

Now, the animation test for Mrs. Hen and Mr. Cock…

They seem of course a bit crazy… but I like that… mmmh… don’t know why exactly ;-)))))

I think they will be original with the other animals…

And as it’s always stronger than me… next time… you will see the snails ! yeah…

Stephan will be happy and proud !

Play Video >>


As promised, the snails :wink:

Quickly modelized this morning before to go at work…


I hope you like their design…

do you see the difference between male and female ?

it’s light… but…


Now… it’s sure… to more new animals !

that make 9 different races… it’s enough.

18 wagons + the NoahMobile !


A last render with snails ;-)))


Oh, you save the snails:love: , so there’s also hope for me…They are great and especially the eyelashes of Mrs. snail are hilarious, you obviously know how to set females in scene:D !

And I’m already exited about the NoahMobile, great start and I can well imagine that it will be another eyecatcher here. I like very much the textured and animated cocks now, well done!
If you continue with this speed, I’ve no doubt that you can finish in time, even with a few days of rest…

Nice evening for you!



Ahaha, those are the cutest snails ever! I didn’t spot the eyelashes but I noticed that the male snail is eating :smiley: A really fun couple indeed.
The beginning for the NoahMobile looks splendid - can’t wait to see it with Mr Noah on it.
And Mr and Mrs Cock may be a bit crazy - but after all they are french cocks, no? :wink:

Happy PCfree days for you now!


héhé… glad you like these snails… that disturb a little to stop to do the last beast… now… it’s done…
The last modeling parts come in few minutes… I hope to finish it next week…
all parts must be finished for the first day of next week…

The only problem is Mr Noah… he’s not made… maybe that will be not him who drive the NoahMobile, but one of his guys… the famous diver… not ?

I must stop now, to lost time with the challenge, even if it’s incredibly fantastic and fun to be here with you all… it’s hard to have to said that…

The only few time wich remain me will be only dedicated to prepare the final animation… only…
…I also must think to the render time… huhu the time run too fast… as usually… :wink:

No Gunie… the male isn’t eating… you will see better what he do… when the animation will be finish… huhuhu
French cocks ? of course… hahahaha especially crazy… like me :stuck_out_tongue:

PCfree… hahaha… strange feeling for sure :argh:

well… anyway… it’s time for a last update…


Yep… the modeling of NoahMobile ist now finished… hope you appreciate this design…


Maybe it look a bit strange…

…my goal was to obtain something with a similar size than the wagons… to have of course a Steampunk look, with something of a Mario Kart Steampunked and something of a locomotive…

…I know, that make much parameter, but that was what I’ve in my mind ;-)))


On this view, you can appreciate the power of the machine… enough to be able to move all the 18 heavy wagons…

…and even comfortable for the driver/diver !


The last render…

note that the textures are not the final… that will be something with procedural shaders, as for the chariots or animals…
more strempunk… more steel and more colored.

While waiting… nice party for the end of 2008… and see you next saturday !


I let you drive my steamtrike, if I can sit on the NoahMobile:D …no, seriously, this is a wonderful design - fits perfectly the steampunk style and of course your other scene elements :thumbsup: - can’t wait to see it in action, but obviously I have to wait until you come back…

Wish you much fun with the big party and of course some relaxed days - come good into the New Year!:wavey:



Heh, really liking the chicken and snail, and the Noah Mobile (“There’s a flood coming!” “Quick, to the Noah Mobile!”). What else is left? Noah himself? and his wife of course? :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool. Can’t wait to see the final texture :slight_smile:


Les escargots sont beaux. mais je suis étonné, vous avez beaucoup d’énergie et de patience pour garder ce cours!:argh::bowdown::bounce:


I’ve missed so much amazing work coming in to this thread so late. Your ideas and work are stunning and I love it. Congratulations to you, and considering how amazingly productive you have been so far I am sure you will finish your animation in time.

The Noahmobile is brilliant. I love those twin smoke/steam exhausts on top and the double (quadruple?) front wheels too. The proportions are superb and believable and there is a great sense of fun about it too. Bravo! :bowdown:


The Noahmobile looks real cool Dude:thumbsup:


what can I say! all updates looks gorgeous man! :cool: :bowdown:


Beautiful work! I’ve just checked your portfolio and so amazed that you are used Maya on Archiviz works. Quality is awesome. Thought they were rendered with Max/Vray :smiley: