Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: laurent antoine lemog


Probable you’re right… anyway - you’re the Director


There’s no such thing like “too Lemogish”:wise: , it’s also your very own style that makes the charm of your work…

I will post soon some links for those interested to watch these films in larger size…
Well, I’m very interested!

Congrats again for the final-final version:D …

Have a great day!



This has been an amazing project - and an amazing thread too! The result of it all is a wonderful piece of work. Congratulations!

I love the humour and great style you put into your film. And I love your delightful designs for both the animals and the ark. And the ‘Making Of’ section was excellent too - I really liked seeing those bits of the work that went into it.

This has been a real joy to watch. Good luck, and thanks for providing us with so much inspiration and wonderful ideas.


Yes we can say,this thread is a GREAT MOVIE TUTORIAL.To show each step an a time…You spend alot time showing us all of your progress with full of details!
BRAVO Lemog!:beer:


Good work friend :wink:




Fantastic job Laurent! Congratulations Buddy!!:beer:

First of all I want to say I think Mark pretty much summed it all up for me.

Must say I had my doubts you would pull this of in the beginning there.
Not that you could do it but if you could do it on top of your fantastic Paris Fair project.

But you did it and in great style to. I simply love your design on.
Those animals are just splendid, I especially fell for the giraffe`s. :slight_smile:

Don`t know how far this will get you with the judges (caus nobody knows what they will do :slight_smile: ).
But like I think I have said before you are number one for me my friend.:bowdown:


Again, simply amazing how you were able to do so much! Congratulations on finishing the project! I love the end result, great graphic style! And I love all the different animals! I can’t wait to see more work from you in the future!


Monsieur Lemog,

I dont have words to express what awesome is your amazing animation. Totally love it. The enviroment and mood is simply delicious, a fantasy in motion, really great! You take care on all details of the production, great designs and textures. For sure, a superb work my friend! :slight_smile:

Congratulations for this fine and beautiful artwork, was a pleasure to see the development of your concept, a fantastic journey and a great learning experience!

And yes!! Time for the tequila !!! All the best for you my friend!! Cheers!! :beer:


Congratulations on finishing your entry! :beer:
This is a really nice, original, funny and well done movie!
Just how it should be!


Maxim -> I’ve right ? well… I can’t be sure of course… I’m just an human ;-)))

Sabrina -> yes… I think too that’s too late for me… after many years… I’m finally a Lemog for eternity… hahaha
That was of course a more great experience… with the team !
Nice day for you Sabie…

Mark -> thanks a lot my friend… yep… humour it’s always a large part of me…
I can’t keep serious too long time… maybe because our worl is not always very funny !
If you appreciate to follow this thread… it’s my first price !

Adrian -> héhé thanks man… yep… I like much to show almost each steps…
it’s a large part to find motivation…
as maybe you know, in the same time, I continued to work on my other big projectof reconstrution of expo 1900,
and that was not easy to manage this project with the challenge, with my job and also something very important, the family life.
Then, each days when I could make another rendering of the last work… that motivate me to continue to work the next night…

Matteo -> Gracie mille !

Per -> thanks a lot for your words my friend… even me at the beginning I couldn’t imagine what will be done in final…
and especially not all this modeling of many things.
Even if the concept is exaclty the same, this mass of work was not planed… but as usually, when I have a little time…
I play with details… and I add… I add… always more details…
I like that too much…
And at the difference with my expo1900 project or in my job, in these challenge, I can do what I want… I can have delirium modeling…
all is permit, and that, it’s really cool !
About the result, maybe you’re too simpathetic with my work.
I know it’s far to be perfect… even if I’ve worked much on it, I don’t dedicate all the time needed to have something better.
I’ve watched many other entries… and I saw many of them with an incredible level…
Maybe I’m far… hahaha
Well… that make me think to your thread Per… when do planed to finish your image…
we take also much fun to follow your “a little bit” mad project… that will be cool to see it finished !

Christopher -> thanks a lot mate… I’ve already said that many months ago… but maybe it’s true today…
Sincerly, if I made this challenge, it’s because the topic was very me… also because friends push me a little (not so much… huhu)
but with all other personnal project planed until 2010… I can’t imagine to do an another challenge soon…
even if it’s a great pleasure each time for me to be here to share with you all…
I’m already late with 3 different films actually… I must take care… and if the challenge is now finished…
I will continue to don’t sleep much the nights… and that comes to be hard ;-)))
…and please… you too… finish you steampunk image !

Fernando -> héhé Fernando… time for tequila… yep… but not too much… it remain me again much work…
but of course, good times with friends to drink something good is always great…
Thanks for your comments man…

Christian -> Thanks Master, glad you appreciate, as I appreciate much what you do as incredible project you know…


Congratulations for the movie!!

Impressive 3d work and great style!!

Good luck to you


I am fan of your fun animals. :slight_smile:
Congrats on finishing. You’ve done a lot of work. :applause:


Great work everyone, and good luck.


Congrats for your good finish Laurent.
Désolé de ma non présence pour la fin de ce concours …

Vivement le prochain en tout cas :slight_smile:


Félicitations pour ta mention d’honneur :wink:


Thanks Nico… now… ready for the next adventure :scream: :wavey:


excellent mec ! Tu l’as fait encore une fois !


Congrats on the honorable mention!! :slight_smile:


et bien comme d’hab je debarque apres la grande bataille… je te félicite pour ta mention d’honneur poto !
@ bientôt !


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