Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Jürgen Johannes Jäckel


Jürgen Johannes Jäckel is entered in the “Steampunk Myths and Legends” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: The 3 sirens in concert


I am pleased.
The idea:
In Greek mythology, the Sirens were three mythical women. Half fish. Half a human. And even in my imagination halfway abnormal Geschnätz.
The connection to Steampunk I bring about microphones. The microphones are again with all kinds of engines and associated equipment.

In my head, everything is already done. Now it must ONLY go from my head to you.

CG Ahoi


hossa jakyll,

good tzo see you here. steam ahoi. i like the ideas with the tentacles coming from under the arms.




I am pleased.
The three sirens in their work.
I’m trying to implement my own style. This can see well at the head of sirens. This type of head I have for many tasks. I do not want to normal, beautiful women have to sit.
I hope I have in the next few years time, to make more pictures of this kind.


[left]You lay the focus in the right place.
[left]That makes you as a professional.
I am curious like a walk back to your work.[/left]


Nicely disturbing! Ill be watching this one.

Best of luck!


The structure.
The three sirens centered. On a piece of rock sitting. The rock is fixed on a machine. The whole set up could be in a kind of theater. But I leave the idea open to the rear.
Let’s see where it goes in the next few weeks.

Poem about the picture:

Stone on stone,
Turrets fine,
Light pure,
100 markers slip.

In German it is much better:

Stein auf Stein,
Türmchen fein,
Licht rein,
100 Mark Schein.


hey jürgen.

nice sketches already allthough i like the surrounding more than the characters till now.
the way the feet look is kinda weird till now

lets see how that translated to 3d
good luck for the competition and ostly lots of fun!


the only criticism i have: to much LOL in it … :wink:



THX to you.
[left]By the way. That will no feet. These are fish fins.

I LOL here the whole day long.



First positioning of the three sirens on a rock.
Let’s see how the texture (did you know that in many textures absolutely no text in it?) of the sirens will in the end.
Maybe I give them more clothes. To the chest.


hossa jakyll,

you positioned the rock good, so no one can look the sirens under the rock.

i like your steam. maybe you can show some humans/listeners for example to the foreground. to put more strenght on the “sound”. maybe their heads explode or something like that. do you know what i mean?

… i should have drawn something for myself, instead of writing here, damn!


Year baby, i know what you mean.


Just a small WIP.


Small update.
Did not have much time.

I model one of this fishchars in lowply.
Duplicate it two times. And posing somewhat of three.
But it is only done quickly. The characters I work still continues. More tension in the posture. More differences.



Someone here play Tipp-Kick?


Here ist an update of posing the Fischköppes.
Worked more details out.


Teeth and gums added. More details on the bodies.

If you’re very quiet, then you can hear the three sing.
But be careful. Can be addictive.


hey man,

looks good! the schupps on the skins look like mine on my head. very good, im looking forward for the rest :slight_smile:


I have reorganized the steam around the punk.
I want to focus more on the 3 sirens.

Can you hear it?