Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Juraj Molcak


still excellent to watch !
I love your sense of design !


nice style! I hardly wait the model of the character. and nice legend too. :wink:


Nice story and concepts!


This is a disgusting legend but in a sooo stylish and well designed way! It is really interesting how you’ve managed to twist it up so its design and actions looks more cartoony and so more friendly! (although a blood bath is never friendly…) simply loved the story and your designs work great… I particularly didn’t like the candle because I think steampunk is not about making simple things complicated but making complicated things more complicated because of the lack of technology (only steam powered stuff) available to do it but I know that is just me…

I will follow your thread closely! very impressive job can’t wait to see those pieces in motion after a good zbrushing :drool:!


Hey folks,

thanks for nice feedback. I am still working on the Iron Maiden model, should be finished in few days.

@Nomad - Thanks buddy, hope you will like it at the end of this challenge too :wink:

@kacorkiraly - thanks, the lady should be around in 2 weeks. No worries about me givin’ up the challenge. I hopefuly will be able to finish this one too, and maybe call it lucky “7”… errr, just counted my challenge entries. This is the 6th. So maybe lucky “6” ? That will work too :applause:

@LoboRecio - Thanks, I am glad you like it.

@gpepper - yup, still progressing. And to tell you the truth, I am always amazed by sense of design in many threads around. You challenging folks are highly talented and skilled. Lot’s of learning from many of you.

@kynu - Thanks. As I said to your team member, I am about to start working on the character. Hope to be quick enough to meet my deadlines.

@Thiago-Pires - Cool, I am still working on few important parts of the story, where I want to keep the spirit of original legend. This is going to be my first “short movie”, so I have to think a bit different than in all my previous action packed bits.

@Scied - Nice feedback, thanks. You know, I had to stop for a while and think about your issue with the candle and steampunk. Try to treat it as a steampunk gadget. They of course can use the regular candles as well as we are still using them in this techno-electro age. So what I made is not really a complicated candle, but a sort of “bulb” or “torch light” in a shape of the candle and candleholder. Steampunk is full of crazy gadgets without a logic of designer. It is fun at the first line to me, not really an alternative reality. Anyway, keep watching the progress. Thanks again for your constructive words.


These storyboards look brilliant! Well rendered! Did they take a long time to draw each storyboard? Will you be using that low poly look you used before on the dragon in the journey begins contest?


Hello. Time is ticking so I better stop working on the Iron Maiden. Next mileston should be Elizabeth - 3D character wip.


that’s rich dude,I totally dig the style :drool:


Your style is just awesome man…just awesome!!!


Very Tim Burton! I love it!

Lighting your models would be a dream. They just have such character!


This is just rough 3D sketch I sculpted in oredr to see how can character concept be translated in 3D form. I am pretty happy with it so far, but going to try another version, maybe a bit sharper - less pleasant.


3D sketch! Crazy! I never thought about such terms, since I always used my little old sketch book and pencil for that. :blush:

I like the environement design you made, full of personnality. Looking really sharp, keep up the good work!


Damned…Looks evil, and calm…quiete scary :bounce:


@Womball - hey, welcome to my thread buddy! About the storyboards - as you can see around this video category, few folks already animating and have their character stetup etc. I did spent pretty long time to develope the story and concept design, so yeah, it wasn’t fast job. Maybe not very claver for such a challenge, but hopefuly a month will be enough to put the things together in some good short. I am not going for lowpoly look as you mentioned, I will hopefuly have some stylised rendering instead this time. I can´t really experimenting in my regular job, so this is a playground for me :wink: Thanks for the feedback.

@d1ver - thanks, I am happy you found the style “kickass”… This is a first time someone wrote my work is “kickass” :applause:

@ivanisavich - thanks, I am happy you found the style “awesome”… This is a first time someone wrote “awesome” 2x in my thread :beer:

@Pyke - thanks. Well okay, this is not a first time someone wrote my style have Burton-ish feel. But hell, I like Tim Burton’s world, so I have no problem with that. Tell you, I have to think a lot about lighting for this show. I want to have it rendered in stylised way, so it will be real challenge… to keep the shapes, mood and stylisation in one good looking package.

@Donglu_LittleFish - hehe, yeah, 3D sketch is somehow strange looking term. Of course, pencil and sketchbook is a must for me, but I found rough sculpting essential for translating paper ideas to 3 dimensions. The “3d sketch” term sounds good for this stage to me. Thanks for the feedback.

@Goul - evil, calm and quite scary? That is a very good initial feel for my short. Happy you see her this way.

Thanks for your comments folks, it is an element of motivation for sure.


I was thinking about some new art direction for Elizabeth character and this is what I came up with today. Looks good to me somehow so I need to make decision. Not easy, both have their personality.


man, i knew you joint the challenge. i was wondering how come i cant find your thread. So here’s where you’ve been hiding! in the video section!

Good luck mate!


Bloody “A” or Bloody “B”: that is the question. Dear followers, let me know which one you prefer to see in animation. Eventually, let me know what blood-group are you.


I’m in “A” though! works better for me
Btw Great progress sofar Juraj, you have nice environment there! and cool character, wish to see them all in action by soon! and wish ya all the luck in the way! :wink:

GL, mim,


“A” too, i prefer her face, hte “b” one looks more like a doll :thumbsup:


@JackZhang - Jack, man I am not hiding here, since EON I am in video category at first :thumbsup: It is like to have extra month to animate your illustration, so I guess it is somehow cool for personal projects and experiments.

@mim-Armand, Goul - you two, thanks for the “vox populi”. The A seem to have more fans so I guess I will continue on that. We are almost in second half of the challenge, time to focus on animation rather than design tweaks.