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The Ultimate Race


Greetings Everyone.

  This will be a team video entry. I will be adding my partner over the course of the next couple of days.

  In the meantime I'll let you all know what we are about. As you can see we will be working on one of Aesop's most popular fables, The Tortoise and the Hare. Our ideas haven't been solidified yet, as we are in the brainstorming process. We got together yesterday to mash out ideas and like some bizarre Twilight Zone moment we had both thought of the exact same thing, so naturally we decided to go ahead with it. The image uploaded is a placeholder until we've gotten a concrete plot. 
  The two of us are currently roughing out as many plot possibilities that we can think of. Over the next couple of days we will put these ideas together, pull out the elements we like the most and begin the storyboard and screenplays.
  We are really excited about this challenge because of the nature of the "legend" we chose; It is a very old story that has been told countless times with as many variations. The story of the Tortoise and the Hare is a classic example of the nature of the human spirit and maintains one simple rule: Perceverence and Hardwork will triumph where idleness and slacking will fail. And a little luck never hurt either. The same could be aplied to the very essence of these CGChallenges. 

OUR Challenge will be to Isolate and capture, through art, animation and expression, the moral of this timeless story, and tell it in a Unique and interesting manner. Thinking outside the box, as it would be.

  -Good luck and best wishes to all participants.


SteamPunk Cyborg animals - For some inspiration
Good luck


Hi all. I’m having issues adding my friend to the team, but hopefully this will be worked out soon.
In the mean time we are both quite busy this week and don’t have much time to do much of anything except conceptualize, but I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated.

Here are a couple of ideas for plots. Feedback from the community would be wonderful

The war of the worlds

There has been a war between stoic tortoises and greedy hares for time untold on a patch of land in a farmer’s field.
Today this world is a wasteland, and fearing the war will eventually destroy all tortoise AND hares alike, The council of elder tortoises sent an emissary to the emperor of hares with a proposal.

The message was clear: “Let us end this war once and for all, before we destroy all that we know,” the emissary said. “We shall both choose a champion to compete in an epic race. The winner will be the uncontested champion, while the loser must vacate these lands forever.”

one of the conditions of the race is that the course be plotted out by a 3rd party, one who would be unbiased towards either side. The fox is chosen.

Laughing’ the emperor agrees to the race.

On the day of the race, both champions are at their places at the start line.

The hares’ champion, feeling so confident of victory from the beginning, shows up still drunk from a week of drinking, partying and boasting.

The Tortoises’ Champion, on the other hand, has been preparing and training for the race all week and is entirely sober, clear headed, and full of determination.

The race starts, and the hare speeds up and is lost to sight in short order. 3/4 through the race, feeling tired and very hungover, the hare stops and looks behind him, but sees no sign of the tortoise approaching.

“I think I’ll take a little nap,” he says to himself. “An hour should be fine.”
He takes out an alarm clock and sets it to go off in 60 minutes and falls fast asleep.

An hour later, the tortoise comes apon the place where the hare is sleeping. The alarm goes off, but being so tired from his week of celebration, the hare does not even flinch at the sound, let alone wake up.

20 minutes later the tortoise crosses the finishing line and wins the race.

Aces High.

In the cantina of a private airfield, a new member calling himself Har, who is a rich young pilot barely out of aviation school, is boasting about his newly purchased aircraft, saying how advanced and powerful and fast it is.

looking out the window he, he laughs at an old zeppelin tied down on the airfield and makes rude and pompous comments about the uselessness of outdated technology.

The owner of the Zeppelin, one of the airfield’s oldest members, who calls himself Tort, was sitting in a corner by himself when he overheard the comments.

“A wager then”, he says to the young would-be ace. “The cost of one year’s membership to the winner of a race between your wonderful aircraft and my old Zeppelin”

The two pilots approach Fox, The beautiful young woman who is the event organizer at the airfield, to plot out the course and make arrangements for the race.

The day of the race comes, and the two pilots set off. Har’s incredible flying machine Roar’s into action and heads towards the horizon at an impressive speed, while Tort’s Zeppelin is still just lifting off the ground.

10 minutes later, and every 10 minutes after, Har must land his aircraft at the next airbase and refuel, losing 20 minutes every time.

Meanwhile, Tort’s Zeppelin slowly coasts through the skies and crosses the finish line while Har is Once again refueling his craft a few miles back.

Old lessons.

A young Hare one day asked his Grampa what the strange contraption in his garage was.
“A reminder”, the elder said, “of a lesson I learned many years ago”.
“What lesson was that, grampa?”, the little one asked.

“Well one day when I was a lot more spry than I am today, I thought I could live life as it passed me by and do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted”…and Grampa proceeded to tell the tale of The Tortoise and the Hare, the machine being the vehicle the hare used to race with". - to be developped more.



These look like some awesome ideas for stories. I like the idea of the last one, having it be a story told by an old hare.
Look foward to your final story


Thanks Galvaniseoil.

here is another plot idea. I wrote it out strange to try and lay down the mood that was in my mind.

Never a moment’s rest.

(sound:heartbeat, sound: heavybreathing) (camera: side view) Hare running through the forest, panting.
(sound:heartbeat, sound: heavybreathing) (camera: Hare’s eye view)more running. dodging trees and running through brambles.
(sound:heartbeat, sound: heavybreathing) (camera: closeup on the hare’s face) still running, the hare’s face has a look of terror.
(sound:heartbeat, sound: heavybreathing) (camera: from a branch up in the trees) Hare standing, breathing hard, looking everywhere frantically.
(sound:heartbeat, sound: heavybreathing) (camera: Hare’s eye view) (sound: loud sound of trees crashing) (camera switches to a top down view) Hare sets off again, trips and falls.
(Sound:heartbeat, sound: heavybreathing) Hare on his back, scurrying crablike backwards, his back coming up against a tree.
(sound:heartbeat; no other sound) (camera: looking at the hare from directly in front of him). Hare is motionless, face frozen in fear.
Slow fade to Black.
(sound:screaches and whistles, gears grinding, pressured steam escaping) (camera: instant on,Hare’s eye view) A Titanic steampunk turtle crashes through the trees, roar’s, then a huge hand comes towards the camera).

Right as the hand hits the camera the Hare sits bolt upright from his bed, panting heavily. It was just a dream, but the mockery of that fateful defeat, years ago now, continues to haunt him still.



hi there, good luck on the chalenge and have fun.

I like this story, will keep an eye for more.


Lots of cool ideas for a story there :slight_smile: Kinda like the new plane vs. the zeppeliner… hehe… probably 'cuz I immediately had Porco Rosso images running through my head… The new plane could also be steampunk, to really keep with the theme :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing where this goes!



Really cool ideas, my fav. must be the The war of the worlds! Just simply awesome, may have something with I really like end of the world films.
I was reading it with passion and I rearly read something with passion :stuck_out_tongue:

All the ideas are great, and im 100% sure it will come out really nice even you dont go for the [b][u]The war of the worlds.

[/u][/b]Good luck to you all!


I like the stories! I’m anxious to see how it turns out.


Looks like you’ve got a natural talent at telling stories.
Just to throw a spanning in the works I like the last idea. It’s kinda cool having a little twist on it that the turtle isn’t the good guy. The only thing that I’d have to say is that I’m not a big fan of the “and then he woke up” stories. But that’s just a personal thing and I’m not saying you couldn’t pull it off good.
Keep up the good work


Thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback

Braz and Trey
Thanks for the support!

I hadn’t known Porco Rosso. I googled it and had a little chuckle. Almost exactly what I envisioned in my mind :cool: We will most likely be doing something cartoony/stylized.

I was playing fallout 3 last week, which I’d been waiting for for ten years and met all my expectations. It was my first idea. I’m also quite a fan of the apocalypse concept.

I agree with your feelings towards the “and then he woke up” concept. I was going for more of an obvious nightmare feel to the story. In the sense that it wouldn’t be a surprise when he did woke up. With that plot I was going for a dreamy/hectic/scary dream feel to the whole animation. If we go through with that one, it will be a challenge to pull it off so people don’t think “lame-O” when he does wake up.

More to come soon.


Hi Everyone.

James Saunders, my partner, is working the Montreal Game summit this week and his time is completely taken up with that. He will be the concept artist, rigger and animator, among other things. You can check out his website here. He`s got some prety cool stuff on display.

All in all, concept art and storyboarding should begin flowing into the thread soon.


Good luck on the challenge. Can’t wait to see the first steps.



Thanks Nothingness.

Here’s a little something to whet your apetites. This will most likely be the style we’re going for. Enjoy all!

A Gentleman’s Duel

You can also find the full short film on Youtube. I didn’t post the link Because I’m unsure if it violates copyright or not.



Subscribed! Can’t wait to see this develop!


…lot’s of good ideas here … it will be very different from the story of turtoise and hare i learned in school lol I’m impatient to see more !


Lol me too Fred. I was finally able to Add James to my team after some difficulty. He will be sketching out ideas today so the thread should start seeing a lot more action from us this weekend.



Allo all this is James, Im back from the Summit and looking forward to working on this project. Here is one of my ideas that I have been playing with. More to come soon as well as starting to come up with concepts.


Start your engines

There is a roar to the start of Turtle’s vehicles; the steam raises the crowds cheers go louder. The rabbit does not start the vehicle right away; he just looks smugly over at the turtle, and then flips a switch. The rabbits vehicle just hums to start, there is a gage inside that slowly shows the build up of pressure.


Racers ready
1, 2, 3 GO!

The turtle jets off, while the hare looks unimpressed. He instead gets his crowd to cheer for him more, revving his engine. He hits a switch and there is an explosive sound as his engine starts working harder building up the pressure gage. The Turtle is at the half way mark, moving steady but fast. Then the shot is back at the hare as he keeps hitting switches and turning knobs making the steam engine work harder and turn faster, the pressure gage shows higher and higher readings. The camera moves back to a shot of the Turtle who is ¾ of the way. Then a shot back at the Hare, putting on his goggles. The Hare smiles and pushes the large red button in front of him.


The Hair “wakes up” to realize that he is flying through the air. At first he is scared until he realizes that he is catching up with the turtle. It is a photo finish; the Hare wins by a “hair” but continues flying past the finish line. He looks back at the Turtle and starts bragging until he hits a tree with a bloody splat. The crowd is silent, the times for the Turtle and the Hare are both up on the board and the Hair is a ¼ second faster. The race judge looks at the turtle and then his car and then looks at the bloody spot where the Hare hit and then the wreckage of the Hares car at the start line. He then looks at the sign saying “Red Mole: EXTREAM STEAM Auto Race” and presses a button: the time for the Hare is replaces with DNF. Every one on the turtle’s side cheers.