Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Jeremy Love



Your art simply takes my breath away! Not only is your final composition magnificently conceived and brilliantly detailed, but looking through your WIP has given me great inspiration. I love the dynamic way you portrayed the light sabre strike. Thank you, congratulations and good luck!



i haven’t seen this one before. that’s a great composition and the mechanics of the light saber - or light hedge trimmer , … I mean head trimmer … is really powerful!
that’s a very creative concept design among all other things.
good luck!


Very swish mate!!!


OMG… i like your stuff so much


Jaw dropping piece!

Congrats for fiinishing.


So far the winning piece for me.


Hey Jez top notch bro

a lot of effort wet into this and it shows :applause:


This really is one of the top entries. Flawless composition, and great tonality.
Good luck with this.


Woow,i love this piece,the best looking sword i have ever seen,great concept!!!also like how it is held,tight and firm grip!!great work,keep it up!


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