Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Jeremy Love


Hey all thanks for the feedback… it really helps. Next stage once I get this girl right will be painting in all the tentacles and eyes… then some background to give scale. I was thinking some village houses in the background showing a trail of destruction. It’s not very clear at the moment but the perspective will be kind of top down. The girl really needs to change for this. Then I’ll paint in all the little details like engraving and switches, wear and tear etc. I still have to finish Hermes and the Saber… and then I’ll add all the effects.

And I only have half a day put aside to do it… ahhhhhhgh!! :wink:

guterrez - hey thanks so much for your feedback… yeah I agree the girl needs to be more dynamic… bracing herself with hair flying. And no I dont use any 3D :wink: cheers!

JackZhang - Thank you! Im definately going to change the girl, cheers for the feedback :slight_smile:

RTjunior - thanks :slight_smile:

authentic - cheers!

lioration - Thanks for the crit… yeah the sword cuts the robots head off… which at present isnt very clear… but it will be!.. oh yes it will :smiley: I’m also planning on having a light trail coming from the blades. I usually do most of my effects at the very end so as not to complicate the painting too early. Thanks!

OZ - :smiley:

Roger Nobs - Wow thanks, I like your entry too

balloontree - Thanks very much. I’m planning on making things much clearer but want to get everything in the right place first. there’s nother worse that painting in all those effects and then realising you have to change the composition.


I can’t believe I haven’t seen this one before, this is awesome! That is the most awesomest sword ever. The textures, the atmosphere, the color choice, all perfect so far. I can’t wait to see the final!


You have a great painting style, I also like all the gears in the robots torso, brilliantly done!


Maybe it’s a little to late for such an advise, but it would be great to see the cut at some angle. Now it’s perfectly parallel to the mechanisms as if the head just dropped off. The fact of the cut would be more obvious if we could see two or three layers of gears and stuff with glowing edges.
Anyway good job so far.


great work…I like your details and compositon


I really like the detailing and the colour choices of yours on the surfaces, awesome!


Wow! It’s really great!


Had a pretty good run at this today… prob the longest I’ve had to work on it in one go. Still lots to do but getting there finally. I’ve done some quick sparks and electricity FX as a test. Crits always welcome!


this is coming along really nice; great progress especially on the girl
the cut could look a bit more like molten steel, chewy glowing clumps
the robots picture left hand would be more dramatic if it would go upwards, trying to grab the hero

keep em coming, can`t wait to see this finished!


Wow. Look indeed great.


I’m speachless. this is my fav piece in this challange- grate concept, design, and rendering.
you are truly a master.
good luck with it (not that you need luck when you have such a talent).


Jez! Talk about pieces coming along mate, yours is looking awesome! Very dynamic and the render of Io in particular is really well done.

We have got one whole day left I think - its due tomorrow. Check out my thread - SynthOrange let me know exactly how much time is left.

I’m not even sure how much more I can get done before this is due :confused:
Sooo rushed!


such a great piece of art .

fantastic work Jeremy am waiting the final one :slight_smile:


Hey this is looking very dynamic. Thumbs up.



7 more days? haha… well at least I can sleep now.

This is getting pretty close to finished I hope. I was running out of time but now I can relax and fix all those little problem areas. So any feedback is very welcome.


Sweet work! very dynamic composition, amazing materials and lighting, bravo!


So far, so wow man. This piece of yours is gonna kill.


the new red around the cutting is beautiful!


sweet… amazing design and rendering. I only don’t like the girl’s horns and tail. But I don’t know the story.
edit: oh, I got it, I just had to check the word “heifer”. But I still don’t like these attributes :slight_smile:


[color=white]Cheers for the comments …I think I’ll change a few things… especially IO’s hand… it’s not right yet. I’ve got some work to do on the background as well… roof tops and smoke etc. Thanks to XTN (Rydel) for helping me heaps with this

Arenyth - thanks very much Cara

themightym - I have a style? thanks!

balloontree - Hey thanks for your feedback… now that the deadline is extended I might be able to make the cut a little more angled… it is a little prefectly cut. I’m just a little worried about the perspective looking wrong if I do this… I’ll have to experiment cheers!

tlggungor - Cheers

balloontree - Yeah it’s a tough call with her horns and tail… she almost ended up being a whole cow :stuck_out_tongue: … not sure what I could do to make this match the Myth and not have the horns and tail… a big udder perhaps? haha… or some blotchy cow patches? I could keep the horns… loose the tail and give her some very fine hair all over? ok I’m out of ideas now. cheers for the advice.

JackZhang -Cheers Jack, I’m glad you like! Your image is rockin btw

ahbeejieh -That would be nice. Hopefully I can make it better with this extra time… cheers

AUMAKUA - Wow thanks!

SuperMario - Thank you

MikeManalac - Mr Mike … well now you can relax and make your image even better… it’s looking awesome btw. Cheers for the link and the comments

lioration - Holly cow! no pun intended… thanks man

CuriousLobster - Cheers! Your entry is great btw

guterrez - Thanks for the feedback… now that I’ve got more time I can maybe make some changes… cheers

dyb3k - thanks!

AUMAKUA - thanks again

tlggungor - Thanks very much