Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Jeremy Love


Software: Photoshop

Description to go here… Hermes cuts off Argos’s head and rescues IO who has been turned into a Heifer.


That’s huge improve from the 12th!

I love the background, love the red on Hermes. Personally I find the light on IO a bit too bright. I’d make her a dark figure with a rim light silhouette and makes the light focus more on Hermes and Argos since they are the main action of the image but that’s just me.

Man I really love this one. Good luck with judge!


Beautiful and vivid!
You did a really good job on this. : )


wow jez, this is smashing, ultra sharp rendering bro:p


Im loving this one Jezza:) The focus points lead the eye nicely from jetpack dude, the head and the lady on the hand. Swoosh!!! ya get ya head sliced mr Argos :smiley:


perfect ingredients for an effective image.

Very well executed…

And cool idea!

Wish you best of luck!


Not aloud to blaspheme, but this is (-------) awesome!!! Love the composition, love the colours, love the story… love it! Good luck to you! :slight_smile:


Kick-ass entry! The action is so well expressed in the colors and composition :slight_smile:


JackZhang - Thanks mate I like the idea of making IO a silhouette… I ran a little short on time to experiment. My original idea was to try and make my image similar in value to some of the great masters paintings… particulary Edouard Manet’s ‘Luncheon on the Grass’ where the female is quite bright in contrast to the rest of the painting… but I just couldnt bring myself to add more black to the painting :S

Nightlitsky - Thanks very much :slight_smile:

rodimus25 - Hey Roddy! Cheers bro hey nice job on yours :wink:

Markyzan - Mr Hansen! :smiley: thanks mate congrats on your image

Dekartdek - Thank you best of luck to you too

andrewpyott - Freaken A mate! :wink: Thanks heaps

MartinNielsen - Cheers!


very nice finish coldrum! has some very juicy things in there. i like the weap design saw u put some studies for it ,the engravings and the materiality of the robo shoulder,and of the melting metal! cant go wrong with that:D
only got 1 small crit if i may,the light bulb is compeeting with the little head thingy and its ahrd to realise whats going on around there.but overall nice design! Gl with it



Your art simply takes my breath away! Not only is your final composition magnificently conceived and brilliantly detailed, but looking through your WIP has given me great inspiration. I love the dynamic way you portrayed the light sabre strike. Thank you, congratulations and good luck!



i haven’t seen this one before. that’s a great composition and the mechanics of the light saber - or light hedge trimmer , … I mean head trimmer … is really powerful!
that’s a very creative concept design among all other things.
good luck!


Very swish mate!!!


OMG… i like your stuff so much


Jaw dropping piece!

Congrats for fiinishing.


So far the winning piece for me.


Hey Jez top notch bro

a lot of effort wet into this and it shows :applause:


This really is one of the top entries. Flawless composition, and great tonality.
Good luck with this.


Woow,i love this piece,the best looking sword i have ever seen,great concept!!!also like how it is held,tight and firm grip!!great work,keep it up!


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