Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Jeremy Love


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Latest Update: Final Image: COLDRUM - Argos vs Hermes


First rough… I’ve started on a bunch of chracter designs and thumbnail layouts so will hopefully post them soon. For now, here’s my initial roughs and the Myth it’s based on.

The all seeing Argos with a generous 100 eyes… watches over Io who has been turned into a Heifer by Zues. Hermes looks on clutching his flute thingy…

Here’s the synopsis which I found on Wikipedia…

Argus was a giant with 100 eyes. Argus (or Argos) was a monster. With his multiple sets of eyes, there seems to be no way of escaping him, for even when he slept, fifty of his eyes remain open and look around threateningly. Hera, the Queen of the Olympian gods and goddesses, commanded Argus to watch over Io. Io was a woman with whom Zeus - the ruler of the Olympians - had conducted a passionate love affair. However, in order to protect his mistress from the wrath of his wife, Zeus had transformed Io into a heifer. Hera asked Argus to guard her rival Io. Zeus sent the god Hermes to dispatch the monster. Hermes lulled Argus to sleep before killing him. After his death, Hera set his eyes in tail of the peacock, which became her symbol.


Hi, nice cketch, good lock :slight_smile:


I like the style of your sketch. Very ineresting concept of Argos :slight_smile:

Good luck :slight_smile:


I like the mood. that;s the steampunk!
can’ wait to see the final. cheers.


Your design for Argos is very cool! All those eyes are really creepy. Can’t wait to see where you go with this.


I thought the Characters in the last rough were way too small so I’ve made them bigger and more prominent. This image depicts Hermes carrying IO away from the defeated Argos. Hi many eyes dangling down and smoke poring from his head. I thought IO as a heifer may be a little hard to relate to… so I’ve made her more human than cow and given her horns and a tail. In the Myth, Hermes uses a horn or flute… which I’ve shown as a gramophone type contraption… way more Steam punk :smiley: I have a few more ideas I’d like to draw before I settle on a particular rough. There?s heaps of scribbles in my sketchbook which I prob wont post as even I can?t decipher them. Hopefully I get some time to do some cool concept paint ups of all the characters… will see :stuck_out_tongue:


this is looking awesome, the changes have really helped it too. good luck with it:thumbsup:


looking very good mate… cant wiat to see more


I think the other concepts work ok but lack action… so I think Im going to go with this one. It gets straight to the point… Hermes cuts off Argos’s head… the end :smiley: plus I get to design some cool things like a jet pack and Steampunk saber hehe. Time to start tightening thsi baby up! I’d love some feedback on this one if anyone has time, cheers - Jez


Hey Jeremy,

Cool concept and your sketches are really great!! :smiley: Your last idea looks amazing, great action and dynamic motion on it. The pose for Hermes is really cool. Great work so far! looking forward for more updates!! Cheers mate!! :beer:


Jeremy, I’m seriously impressed with your sketching style - very slick - keep up the good work. I really like the first one, possibly because it is more menacing than action packed. Perhaps a shift down in viewer angle could do wonders? :beer:


Hey bro

Lookin really good, lot of energy

more, more :bounce:


Heya Jez, the pic is lookin hawt!
I swore I wouldn’t take a look at yours til the end, but couldn’t help it. Looks like we’ll have very different finals too!

Solid work as always, mate.


I’ll stop drawing & start learning from u my master.


I got a bit carried away concepting Hermes Lightsaber… good fun :smiley:


This saber cuts through copper and cogs like butter using its double edge plasma beams :smiley:


My hell! It’s good!


Uber-cool designs.

Light saber technology might be outside the realms of ‘steampunk’ but I’m no expert.

Wonderful concepts so far.


There are pressure valves on it, it converts steam power to plasma beams!