Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Jeff Zugale


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Latest Update: Final Image: The Tortoise and the Hare


This should be fun! :slight_smile:


Getting a late start, but here’s my first. I’m doing a version of the old fable “The Tortoise and The Hare.”


Funny sketch and nice details. Could be fun


Nice concept :thumbsup: Im glad to see someone else is doing a turtle too. Good luck!


Here’s my first cut at the Hare. I thought of doing it as a complicated-looking, clanking monstrosity. My fiancee pointed out that it didnt really look much like a hare when I was finished, and so I realized I’d sort of gotten lost in the mechanical details, so I did one I like better.


I redid the Hare drawing to look more like a hare, a bit leaner and curvier. I probably went overboard with detail, but it was fun and this is just to visualize the machine in my head. It will likely change a lot in the final rendering, but I will use some of the details here and there.


Nice details, very funny. Reminds me of burning man stuff. Very cool.


Thanks mark, many of my friends are Burners! :slight_smile:

I’m going to go for a little Bobby Chiu meets Currier & Ives for the final image. I hope it comes out as goofy and fun as I see in my head.


Great concept and has a strong steampunk feel to it.


Holidays are over, back to work!

WIP layout for the final painting. This is a rough blue pencil sketch, made a lot rougher by having to squash it to smaller than 150K. The original is on 9x12 Bristol board, and has a lot more subtle sketchy detail. You can probably see where I’m going with it, though.

I don’t think I’ll take this sketch much further on paper, because time is short and I need to get painting. This should serve as a good setup guide. I will probably move stuff around a bit, as I think the Hare is too close to the viewer. I’m not effectively showing the roadway or a crowd or anything, so it needs tweaking.


Here I’m cutting out the main components from the background in Photoshop. First the tortoise…


Well, this thing won’t let me submit all my images that I’m doing for progress, so here’s one of two layouts I’m looking at.


Here’s the second, wider layout I’m thinking about. I think this might be a bit more expansive in terms of storytelling and atmosphere, but the downside is there’s a LOT more painting involved. In this layout you can see a lot more of the crowd.

Since I only really have 9 days to whip this out, I’m thinking going with a big crowd scene might not be a good idea. The steampunk stuff has so much detail anyway…

Since I can’t really submit everything I’m doing here, I’m putting it all up in my artblog: if you want to see every step.


Wow, I love the designs. Very steampunk. Really cool stuff.


Realy nice Steam Punk Design! Did you do this kind of design before,I mean,as a job or pratice,or this is your first time with this theme?Best wishes,


This is my first time going after the Steampunk theme in a serious way. I’ve had some kids books with 19th century type artwork and I’ve always liked steam trains, so the influences have been there. Happily there’s tons of reference online to choose from!

Thanks for the kind words! :slight_smile:


The Hare pose wasn’t working as well as it could have been, as my fiancee pointed out. So here’s a redraw of the Hare and some tweaking on the background.

This is still going to be a difficult problem to solve, but I don’t have any more time to fiddle with it, so this is going to be the layout that I go forward with.

I’m going to keep everything on layers (not my usual preference) to allow composition tweaking later in the game. Can I keep the feeling, while still finding ways to include crowd, road in the background, and sense of scale? Stay tuned to find out…


Here’s a really loose rough-out on some color. This is all on one layer. I’m not going to paint right over this, instead I’m just going to put this off to the side and pick colors from it as I paint on separate layers over a faded-back grayscale combination of this paint and the pencil sketch.


Getting to some details on the Tortoise. Again, not the way I’d really like to be working, but time is short so I gotta just blast everything out on the fly.

That’s usually how real paid work winds up going anyway!