Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Jeff Durham


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Latest Update: Concept / pre-visualization: Sir Owain & The Black Knight


First rough.

Bear with me, I’m not very savvy about forum participation, but I’ll get it eventually!


Another rough idea.


Slight tweak on the figures from the last one, with an environment change.


I like this Black Knight better, and it’s given me a bit more to grab ahold of; more ideas are coming to me now because of this little doodle. The perspective is isometric, but I may stick with it; I kind of like the design aspect of it at this point. Or I may change everything altogether on a whim.


I decided to start playing with the Black Knight; I should keep roughing in and figuring out the composition, but I wanted to play a little bit and sometimes working on different aspects helps me come up with solutions to related conundrums.
It’s starting to go a little “silly” on me-- I was trying to play it straight-- but that’s almost always an aspect of my work. Better if I just embrace it.


Nice concept for the The Black Knight.:slight_smile:


Ahh!..good to see you made it! like where this is going…


Haven’t done much lately; been sorta busy. This is where I’m at with the roughed in concept. I have a few sketches of the knight but I haven’t scanned them yet. Soon. I’ll get going on this in earnest soon.


Complete and total lack of time lately. I’ve only touched it once since the last upload, but here is the minimal progress. Perhaps this will shame me into finding more time for this project. The deadline is clearly in sight, too. Time to get at it, I think.


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