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Latest Update: Final Image: The Creation of Pandora


hi all!

i decided to go with the creation of pandora by hephaistos in my image. i think it’s always a special moment when the creator looks at his own creation, and as it’s told this was his finest.

okay, so first thing here is a sketch of me trying to find an interesting shot and pose that already tells a bit of a story.

i quite liked the idea of him having her in his hand and her holding the box, kindof almost as if she was going to throw it at him…


at this stage i worked on her a little, the way she sits in his hand and also experimented with the pose a little.


blocked in some value here, and changed the pose of his hand.


fiddled with the hand gesture a little more here… and at this point i’ve been really thinking about enlarging the canvas. more space to them in a setting…


so i added some room around them so i can place them in a setting. i guess there’ll be tubes and stuff :wink:

i also think the first pose of her was in fact better from a story telling point of view, so i went back to that for now.


i put on some more detail on him, i think he’ll be a cross of a steampunk scientist-welder type guy in the end and she will therefore have many metal parts as well.

anyways, that’s all for now :slight_smile:

take care and good luck to all of you in this epic challenge :wink:


Hi Jan,

Nice to see you here. I like a lot your sketchbook.
I like your idea and the sketch is becoming amazing.:thumbsup:
Cant wait to see the color palette.
Keep it up, and good luck.:beer:



Love the concept but… she looks like she’s trying to brain him with a tiny brick in that pose. What if you did something more reflective: Him looking at her, her looking at the box? Sort of spiraling down? Or had her cradling it (since she was supposed to be it’s guardian, I think?)

Just a thought. :smiley: I really like the look of him. He was not a pretty guy, so I think you’re spot on with the look for him.


melissa, thanks for stopping by, i guess i will play with the pose a little. i did like the idea at first of her menacing to throw the box back at him, but i see your point and actually like the different story this would tell, thank you!

i read about his looks, Aphrodite apparently wasn’t too happy about that :wink:


Ataulfo, thanks for stopping by here as well and for the kind words, it was cool to see a familiar name pop up here, keep going with yours and hope to see ya back :wink:

i changed the pose as suggested and think it really helped, so thanks again Melissa :wink:

also blocked in a little element here and there roughly, like a steamy “sculpting-welding” glove of sorts, and some shelf or bookcase elements in the BG.


This looks great :thumbsup:


i scaled up the girl a bit to give her more weight in the image. i also changed a bit of the things going on in the BG.
i wanted to bring in a bit more of Hephaistos’ other creations into the setting, so that it’ll look more like his workshop. he had cyclop helpers, made the bulls of aetes which i will probably have a small model of on the shelf, and i’ll put some armor and the aegis in there as well.


martin, thank you! :beer:


Cool! Really love how you have posed the image…hope you would work on the expressions of the characters.

Good Luck!


Much better! I love it now. :smiley: The interplay between the figures is great, and the background… well. I’m envious. :smiley:


thanks for commenting on my post!

i love the workshop welder factory vibe. i only have a few minor suggestions:

something seems a bit odd with the perspective on his head and his visor. the perspective on his head seems a bit more straight on, whereas the perspective on his visor feels like it’s tipping towards us.

the other thing that i think could use some tweaking, would be the scale of things. it feels like he’s a regular sized person and she’s really tiny. it’s been awhile since I’ve heard the story, but wasn’t she a regular sized person? apologies if I’m wrong or you do plan on making her a small person. if you were planning on making him a giant, then i think you could use some scale cues. like small bolts and pipes and such. basically the scale you have on her, extended to the rest of the environment. now you could argue that him being a giant, would make him want to build to his scale, but that’s not going to tell the story as well.

it might be cool to have some more mechanical elements to his visor. perhaps there’s some kind of little arm that folds down, or gears. something that would rotate the visor down for him.

minor issues aside, this is looking very promising. i was picturing Poseidon in a similar light, building my cyclops in his factory.

i love your Asian woman btw. great stuff!


This idea is really interesting, and you are working in a great way as always :slight_smile:
I love the pose of the girl and the light you choosed.
Waiting for the updates :slight_smile:


awesome work. i really like the progression of your image. i cant wait to see it in color.


I really loke the posture. The blacksmiths reaction is really keeping me interested. Cant wait to see what this one looks like finished!