Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Jack Zhang


Hey Jack!

From what I noticed; with the new update, the mouth and eyes popped first, obviously due to the difference in contrast and colors, since now they’re the only ‘‘hot’’ colored components… Loving the updates!

What are you going to use as a new BG?


I think the mouth is the first thing that takes the eyes …keep going :wip:

the best: lol. get some update going Tony or else! grin!

lol :beer:


i liked the colours before but prefer the new idea of using the colder colours. Having the fiery colours only round the mouth and eyes helps you see the details better in the piece.


Yeah I haven’t had as much time to work on this as I would like. Might need to stay up late at night to get things rolling. I did come across a ton of references so I think that will help out with the main character.

You might want to use a soft bloom effect on the warm color your painting on your model.


Sup friend!

the mouth is definitely the center of focus. Its nice to see you apply what you’ve learn the other day about color / light, changing the background to cold color, but you have to make sure that any viewer can discern the cold blue sky and the cold blue Kong as they may blend a little bit together.

awesome work as usual ! see you on thursday :slight_smile:


hey jack
even i didnt got to work on my entry for whole week. not that it was as amazing as yours :stuck_out_tongue:
after your new update mouth has become the centre of previous color scheme the hand was distracting enough but its not now.
tc man your progress is inspiring


How are you?Jack Zhang!

Good lighting.
I’ve seen your work at CGLAND,in Korean, it was really cool.
I’m your fan now!


hi Jack…really nice work so far…i wasnt gonna say anything until I read your last post about what someone else saw…cos i had the same feeling…I didnot read about the concept of your image…so from a completely fresh eye, I noticed the fist first as being the head of something and then the face.Only after looking at your concept art did I figure what your image was about. Hope that helps. I just get the feeling the area around the face is getting a little busy and too uniform in detail with the rest of the body to really stand out.
all the best!..will look forward to updates.


Devastating details… steamy raw power on his metal knuckles… you’re a polygon grinding machine sir! (my poor Kerberos should load his steam saber gun to feel safe from harm) :applause:


Hi Jack Zhang
to match details man
. :slight_smile: Have fun waiting the update


great details overall Jack :slight_smile: i don’t feel so much the steampunk style yet but i guess it all comes together with the textures etc… And it would be cool to see some bigger shot of the model, don’t forget that it has to be render at a print resolution, so it’s also important to see how it looks from closeup :wink: Keep it up dude !


Hi Jack,
Thanks for posting on my challenge thread. This Steam Kong is looking really great. I love the amount of detail you’ve put on it. I’ll be waiting for updates! Cheers!


Hello! I like where this is going, I love the mouth detail and the “muscles” onm the arms. Have you thought about maybe adding some sort of gear on the elbow? I mean to help the machine move? just an observation, overall I would love to see the steam coming out of all those place like juggernaut coming throught the fog! hehe best of luck!


texture and lights are indeed not final.


yea the first to reply …as always mate I don`t have any critique ( not something to be proud of lol ) but all I can say is … keep going mate :thumbsup:


I absolutely adore that gorilla :slight_smile: Excellent work :thumbsup:


great update Jack :slight_smile:


I like the choice of colors, the blue tones might be a bit saturated, it is competing with the yellow, you can just keep this in mind and fine tune the colors during the final stage so you would have a better idea how to balance out the whole image.


Hey Jack,

Bloody Hell!! Impresive, simply superb model my friend!! Love the all great details on it. That kong is full of steam and energy !! :smiley: Incredible work!! Cheers!! :beer:


really impressive work! good luck!