Steampunk Myths and Legends Entry: Jack Zhang


Great details on the arm. Looking forward for the whole character! :buttrock:

Good Luck!


The details are very impressive and the character is really great very strong.

Keep it up …


lots of detail you have here! great work so far!!!


Jack, you will continue the crazy modeling, I will continue playing Animal Crossing and get more giant fish, got mortgage to pay! :stuck_out_tongue:


quick test.


Awesome! I love the mouth. Its like a grinder yet with lava in it.


Excellently, Jack, I watch closely yours work. The result magnificent will be assured! :thumbsup:


OMG the first concepts look like one of the characters i designed as a centerpiece of my graduation work abouit 7 years ago. Whoah. Guess such minds think alike


jack O jack! :eek: you never fail to amaze me! :applause: two words … ‘insane details!’ n then too … pretty quick indeed! :eek:
for the effects bit … how about heat waves coming from his mouth? ( reminded me of ‘balrog’ from lord of the rings :eek: )


hey jack,nice work man.
The blue to red color in the composition really brings some mood and atmosphere there already.
Like i said very dynamic pose:buttrock:
Keep it up


I really like this, but I have a quick crit. When I first saw the above render, I immediately thought his left fist was the head, and its head was its shoulder (as if the character’s head was facing down and walking to the right). I can see what it is now, obviously, but my first read was confusing. I would consider changing the pose for a better silhouette, but very nice otherwise.


Haha Zack, thats one cool concept love the gorillia, reminds me of the beast war days, but a lot cooler… i will make sure to stay tuned, cheers!




Beautiful Work!


[left]great idea and great concept, and the detailed structures like me a lot![/left]


could we get a little antialiasing on the next WIP? I’d like to see the model a little clearer :slight_smile:


Nice work …
I like it !


beelow: Good to see you here Bryce. How come you aren’t joining this challenge? As far as I can remember you almost never miss one.

Olivieroy: Hey PO, add your steampunk link in your signature so i can go visit more~

domoarigato: I will pm you today.

Amirgdx5: Thanx Amir. keep up with your demo too~

inmaya: Mecri Jonathan~ will you join the challenge too? blink blink

the best: lol. get some update going Tony or else! grin!

Ferx: Fernando~ you changed your concept again! I still like the first one but the last one is more dynaimc.

arLutiK: hopefuly the lighting and color can make him big again.

MVDB: Michael, I enjoy every single one of your visit. Reminds me of the old times. End of November 2006 you created your devil and that’s when I met you. Scary how time flies.

mrpeace: Hopefully the last two updates weren’t that bright

Elendil_le_Grand: Mecri Nick mon amie~

Monsitj: terribly sorry monsit for not dropping by at your thread. Been busy with work/school and my own wip. I confess ><

Womball: Nathan! Boy I didn’t know you joint the challenge as well! I’m gonna go check it out!

Steelbug: Such an honor to have you step into my wip, Vladimir. Feel free to correct my lighting and colors at any time.

Gopez: hehe. well, all designes are based on reality. Since we share the same reality, it’s very likely to have simular designs from different places of the world. More international your vision and mind is, more simularities you can find in visual art.

nwiz25: TOTALLY! HEAT WAVES! I LOVE YOU! emm… correction, I love your suggestions and I love your work o.o…

Micro26: you are progressing instancly fast fotis, I need to watch out now :stuck_out_tongue:

TBart: I don’t think it has much to do with pose but I totally love your feedback. One of the most valuable feedback I had so far. The fact you first looked at the fist probably have to do with the light and color that I put on him in the last update. Even the color and lights are not final, it’s always good to know how my current lighting and color attracts viewers’ focus. I want ppl notice Kong’s face first, then the fist. I guess either the light on his fist is over bright or the color contrast on the fist is too strong. I will definitely work on that. Thank you VERY MUCH Tim.

Rupy: LOL. so many ppl calls me “Zack”. I wonder why. Anyway, glad you enjoy it Rup. Keep up your snake/elephant fight :stuck_out_tongue:

VictorRojo: Thank you Victor :slight_smile:

Snowstorm: I notice our forum supports image of maxium width of 600 px. more than that size will stretch the page. (correct me if I’m wrong). I wasn’t paying too much attention coz I really want to focus on the feeling of the entire charactor. Therefore I never bother caring too much of the progress image. Next time I will link it to a bigger version so you can see better. btw, journey to the west theme huh? I guess it’s kinda hard not to pick that legend for us Asians :slight_smile:


nah Jack , I will not be a part of steampunk:sad: Because I know I will be very busy during the next month,so I dont want to begin something that I will probably not finish :hmm: .

Before I say bybye , I will say Bravo to your color test !I agree with your color choice :wink:



totally awesome concept, i really like the pose.

good luck on this one, one of my favs so far :applause:



My Saturday is scheduled for other stuff so even Kong is very close to complete, I can’t put my hands on him.

But I am capable of accessing Photoshop so I took a bit time continuing play with the color.

There’s a major change in the past two days. I decide not to use the burning fire as my background, instead of a cold dark blue night sky.

So I removed the orange/red silhouette and start putting light blue/yellow/white on him. I’m totally new to color and light so I can’t really tell if what I’m doing is “cool”. Although I think it’s cool, because the it removed the comfortable complementary blue/orange contrast, instead now having a blue/purple vs white/yellow. I feel the Kong is colder and the mouth is hotter.

the bottom two are turned to black/white then blur with a value of 5. As you notice (if you notice), specially from the thumbnail, the contrast remind the same. Actually blue yellow had better contrast since yellow is the brightest color of all 7.

Someone left a comment saying he noticed the fist first then the head. I’d like to invite you all for this interesting observation. I’d like to know which area do you notice,at first glance,from this current update.